Toilet Tower Defense: How to get Clovers & Titan Clover Man

Roblox Toilet Tower Defense (TTD) is back with a new update introducing Clover currency, 3 remade maps, a St. Patrick’s Day Event, and a Leprechaun Cameraman. Among the new additions, Titan Clover Man is the best unit players struggle to unlock.

At last, players should use St. Patrick’s Codes to redeem exclusive units and have a handful of coins and gems.

Toilet Tower Defense St. Patrick’s Update

St. Patrick's Update
St. Patrick’s Update

Here is a guide on collecting new tokens and a trick to open crates with ease and at a faster rate. In the end, the user will have a chance to unlock Lucky Cameraman and all other morphs.

How to get Clover in Toilet Tower Defense

Clover currency
Clover currency

With the latest update, a new token has been introduced that unlocks St. Patrick’s Crate. Unfortunately, players must grind for several hours to collect currency in small amounts.

  1. Any game mode helps to collect Clover coins
  2. Participate in Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare modes
  3. For effectiveness, enter Endless mode with the highest difficulty
  4. Within a few hours, the player has enough Clovers to open Crates

Using this trick, players can choose to play endless mode and keep on pushing the game towards tougher waves until hundreds of Clovers are claimed.

How to collect & open St. Patrick’s Day 2024 Crate

St. Patrick's Crate
St. Patrick’s Crate

Once hundreds of tokens are collected, it’s time for the user to spend on specially introduced crates. This is St. Patrick’s Crate allowing users to unlock the rarest unlockables.

By spending 10 Clovers, users can open 1 Crate resulting in premium rewards. In the meantime, Clover Boost and Luck Boost should be activated to increase drop chances.

How to get Titan Clover Man

New mythic unit
New mythic unit
  • Unit: Titan Clover Man
  • Type: Mythic (AOE)
  • Damage: 1,500 (level 1)
  • Range: 25
  • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
  • Damage Per Second: 3000
New Update codes
New Update codes

The ultimate reward of the new update is Titan Clover Man. Not only visually but its abilities are fantastic making it nearly undefeatable in the battles.


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