Sols RNG: How to get Stella’s Star & Location [Era 5 Update]

Roblox Sols RNG introduces Stella Star, Rolling Archangel, Stella’s Portal, Jackpot Gauntlet, and various portions in the new update. Here is a guide on everything you need to know to complete a quest and craft a new potion instantly.

In the end, get Era 5 Update codes that will help you collect coins easily as well as reward with powerful and effective potions.

How to find Stella’s Star Location in Sols RNG?

Stella Quest
Stella Quest

The player has the opportunity to brew a new potion with the help of Stella. Stella is an NPC character helping users to get stars as well as portals. Follow the below steps to easily reach the star.

  1. Open Sols RNG on Roblox
  2. Go towards the high mountains area
  3. Enter secret locations that are surrounded by mountains and waterfall
  4. Follow the torchlight and move forward
  5. Explore all possible routes until Stella is seen
  6. Talk to Stella and the user gets the location as well as the shape of the new star

How to find Stella’s Portal?

Stella Portal
Stella Portal

Once Stella Quest is completed, collect the star and get back to NPC. At this time, a broken portal spawns in the surrounding area. Collecting stars is not an easy job, with a drop chance of 1 in 6,000 per second, and can be discovered in specific spots only

How to Craft New Potions in Sols RNG?


After succeeding in both tasks, it’s time for players to unlock potions that are useful in the upcoming time. Have a look at potions that are available to claim right now.

  • Fortune Potion ( I, II & III )
  • Heavenly Potion ( I & II )
  • Haste Potion ( I & II )
  • Universe Potion
Best potion after the update
The best potion after the update

With the help of in-game resources and tokens, players can easily craft potions. For example, Rare, Comet, Lucky, Speed, etc are requirements.


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