Fruit Battlegrounds Love Fruit Update Codes [NEW]

Fruit Battlegrounds New Update on Love Fruit has brought brand new fruit as well as 5 new abilities that everyone should try for the best damage. At last, Fruit Battlegrounds Codes are available that will help you collect more gems as well as unlock Love Fruit.

Fruit Battlegrounds Love Fruit Update

How to get Love Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds

Love Fruit
Love Fruit

With the Love Fruit Update, an epic rarity fruit is available to unlock. Being the latest addition to the game, it’s obvious to grind for several days to collect this fruit.

  1. Open Chest Boxes using 50 gems
  2. Each spin allows the player to claim certain fruit
  3. Love Fruit has a 0.61% spin drop
  4. Keep on grinding to collect more gems and spin for Love Fruit
  5. Once unlocked, try 5 moves as well
How to get Love Fruit
How to get Love Fruit

1. Cupid’s Arrow

Cupids Arrow shoots arrows that automatically track enemies and hit them. Using a love bow, not only one but multiple arrows can be pulled off by holding for more time.

Cupids Arrow
Cupids Arrow

This move unlocks at Level 18 and is pretty impressive to attack enemies like Big Mom Boss from a long distance. With damage of 54, pretty useful for most players.

2. Bouquet of Pain

New ability
New ability

During the combat, a series of bouquets consisting of beautiful but deadly flowers are summoned. These travel with medium speed in one direction until they hit something and flowers burst instantly.

With 104 damage, this skill is pretty useful for large shots and can be unlocked easily.

3. Heartthrob

Healing Skill
Healing Skill

Users can instantly gain lost health by summoned Heartthrob move. A limited small range with heart is capable of recovering a total of 600 points.

This healing skill is available to use from Level 18 onwards and also Always remain inside and wait for the ability to run out to maximize its effect.

4. Heartstring


The true heroic moveset is overpowered as attack can’t be avoided. As soon as the target is set, an underground shot moves towards the enemy and shock causes dealing of 155 damage.

Heartstring unlocks at Level 72, which is not that hard to achieve but keep on grinding if you haven’t unlocked it yet.

5. Blossoms Wind

best skill
best skill

A powerful tornado full of flower leaves is approaching the target. Blossoms Wind attacks cause the most destruction to the area and should be used as often as possible.

After level 104, this skill unlocks and can be used to defend powerful bosses in the Love Update.

Fruit Battlegrounds Love Update Codes

Fruit Battlegrounds New Codes
Fruit Battlegrounds New Codes

As soon as the new update is live, players rush for working codes. Luckily, below are the finest codes available right now that can be redeemed instantly in the game.

  • SPR34DLOV3
  • 570FAVS
  • Y000560
  • 550P0GG
Redeem codes easily
Redeem codes easily

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