How to Get Portals in Anime Last Stand?

Anime Last Stand Update 2 has brought Portals and Bosses that last for an infinity of time. Also, secret units are worth collecting along with QoL and Evolutions. Fortunately, Update 2 Codes are available to help you reach your destination more quickly.

Right from the beginning, players seem to be struggling to collect Portals which are the most valuable tokens at this time. But worry not. Here are the best tips and tricks to collect Portals in huge amounts.

How to get Portals in Anime Last Stand?

How to Get Portals in Anime Last Stand
Secret Portals in Anime Last Stand

Portals as well as Rerolls are pretty useful resources but require extreme grinding in order to collect. Also, users are unaware of the way that leads them towards the first portal currency.

  1. Enter Infinite Mode Bosses
  2. Defeat as many bosses as you can
  3. Die in the game but don’t leave the game
  4. After long survival, few portal tokens are claimed
  5. Challenges are other ways that reward portals such as T5
  6. Try Infinite Nightmare instead of Normal mode for better-tier portals
Get Portals in Anime Last Stand
Get Portals in Anime Last Stand

Most players have succeeded in collecting Tier 1 Portal just by defeating a total of 5 bosses. This is time-consuming and difficulty increases exponentially for each new boss.

Players are likely to be rewarded with the Secret Yuta Portal once the maximum number of bosses are defeated in the game. This limit might differ from user to user but it is possible to get a secret portal as well.


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