Medic Cameraman & Unlimited coins in Toilet Tower Defence [Guide]

Roblox Toilet Tower Defence is experiencing Medic Update bringing Medic Cameraman, and new locations to the game. To complete the walkthrough of the game, having plenty of coins is a must. From buying crates to unlocking cameraman skins and characters, coins are the only source to equip them all.

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Here is a detailed guide on how to earn coins in Toilet Tower Defence in Roblox in the easiest and fastest possible way. Anyone who is familiar with the basics of this game can apply this tactic and have more than 1,200+ coins per hour which is insane.

Medic Cameraman Toilet Tower Defence

Medic Cameraman Toilet Tower Defence
Medic Cameraman Toilet Tower Defence

Many players don’t know, what the medic cameraman do in toilet tower defence. So here is a guide on Medic Cameraman allowing you to have an idea about its uses, abilities and tier list before taking them into battle.

The whole game is controlled by the players with the help of Camermans which can vary based on their size, power and Robux amount. Below are popular reasons to choose the best cameraman in toilet tower defence to last until the last wave hits you off the location.

What medic Cameraman do in Toilet Tower Defence

What does medic Cameraman do?
What does medic Cameraman do?

The primary task of the Medic Cameraman is to stop and kill an enemy from entering our tower. This is guards to players’ castle and only hope to protect. Each wave further rewards with unlimited coins later on.

The enemy starts to rise in number and strength as waves keep on increasing. At the start, it’s easy to beat these waves with any cameraman but at the intermediate state, only the correct position and the strongest cameraman are capable to stop an opponent.

Titan TV Cameraman in Toilet Tower Defence

Titan TV man in Toilet Tower Defence
Titan TV man in Toilet Tower Defence

In the beginning, small-size cameras are better as they are less costlier and easy to purchase. With increasing difficulty, there is a need for some of finest robots to beat the game. Here comes the role of Cameraman Titan TV which is enormous and highly effective.

Bigger size and highest attacking rate are major characteristics of Titan Cameraman. But as a dark side, it requires too many coins save to use a single Titan man. Follow the below guide on coins to get them easily and equip[ cameraman in an easy way.

How to get coins in Toilet Tower Defence

infinite coins Toilet Tower Defence
infinite coins Toilet Tower Defence

With a 2x game pass, users have a chance to earn and collect double coins but it might cost Robux or real money to purchase a pass. It’s completely okay if the player doesn’t have a game pass but should grind harder as an exclusive advantage is not available at this moment.

Once prerequisites are made clear, follow the below steps in sequential order which could lead to max coin generation within each attempt.

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  1. Go to the Desert location with 3 cameraman
  2. Place 3 cameraman and upgrade to level 2
  3. Finish some waves off and buy Titan TV man
  4. Sell one cameraman to Max Titan TV max completely
  5. Replace all cameraman with maxed level Titan TV
  6. Play and Destroy the enemy till wave 30 (max wave)
  7. Finally, you get 1,200 coins with a 2x game pass
Toilet Tower Defence coins
Toilet Tower Defence coins

Starting with big cameramen purchasing Titan TV man, the strength of our army is significantly boosted which can withstand extremely powerful waves such as Wave 20 or 25 or final wave 30. At present, coins are collected at a rapid rate.

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As a final outcome, players earn assured 600+ coins without a toilet tower defence pass while 1,200+ coins with a 2x pass. This trick works fine in other locations but is best suitable for the Desert area.

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