Roblox Toilet Tower Defense Valentines Update: All Codes [NEW]

Toilet Tower Defense Episode 70 Part 3 has been released, also called as Valentine’s Event.  The event introduces us to Large Heart Speakerman, Speakerwoman’s Rose Farm, Cupid Camerawoman, and much more.

Given that the updates bring us quality-of-life improvements, followed by several in-game mechanisms. Similar to the prior updates, the esteemed one has bought us plenty of new codes. Keep on reading to get all the new codes for Roblox Toilet Tower Defense.

Toilet Tower Defense: All New Codes

Given is the update-log of Part 3 Episode 70:

Shield Cameraman Toilet Tower Defense

  • Large Heart Speakerman
  • Speakerwoman’s Rose Farm
  • Cupid Camerawoman
  • Healer TV Woman
  • Speaker Large TV Man
  • Laser Scientist Toilet

Previous Codes


  • PlzMythic
  • Parasites
  • NewGifts
  • CameraHeli
  • AutoSkip
  • NiceUpdate

Latest Codes

  • SummonFix
  • SpeakerUpgrade

How to Redeem Codes?

Toilet Tower Defense new update

Method 1

This might be the easiest way to redeem codes. Just open the Toilet Tower Defense Roblox game, and tap on the chat box. Now, type “/redeem YOURCODE”. Here, YOURCODE will be any of the given above.

Method 2

To use this method, launch the game and open the Shop menu, located on the left side. Now, tap on Codes and enter the code. In this method, you don’t have to use /redeem shortcode.

In both cases, you will be offered the gifts by entering the correct code.


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