How to get Hearts & Valentines Crate in Toilet Tower Defense

Roblox Toilet Tower Defense has released a Valentine’s Update and things are getting fun and lovely. With this update, a new currency – Hearts can be introduced which unlocks Valentines Crate rewarding Healer TV Woman, Codes, and other stuff.

Here is a guide on how to collect Hearts as well as the best tips to grind and have maximum output during this event.

How to get Hearts in Toilet Tower Defense

How to get hearts
How to get hearts

Apart from Robux, the game already has Coins and Diamonds but with the latest additions, Heart has been temporarily added which helps users to unlock exciting crates and rewards.

A series of Valentine’s Day Events will be coming to entertain players and challenge them to push their limits. For this, a few mini-games provide a heart as a victory gift.

Participate in the following mini-games to collect Hearts:

Toilet Fortress
Toilet Fortress
  • Toilet HQ
  • Toilet lab
  • Toilet Fortress

Toilet Fortress is proven to drop more hearts compared to other games. Playing endlessly will help you have hearts in hundreds of quantities.

How to get Valentines Crate in Toilet Tower Defense

Valentines Crate 2024
Valentines Crate 2024

During this event, Valentines Day 2024 Crate is available which can be easily unlocked using heart currency. There are mainly two ways to open a crate, one with hearts and while other using Robux.

As you can see, each crate is worth 200 hearts which is a pretty high price but rewards four different kinds of morphs. All of them are unique and rare to unlock. Also, you can gift this crate to your close friends and family.

Purchasing Crate using Robux:

Use Robux to buy hearts
Use Robux to buy hearts
  • 199 Robux – 200 hearts (1 crate)
  • 549 Robux – 600 hearts
  • 1749 Robux – 200 hearts
  • 7500 Robux – 1000 hearts

How to unlock Healer TV Woman in Toilet Tower Defense

Healer TV Woman
Healer TV Woman

After having a basic idea about Valentines, the most interesting reward is Healer TV Woman whose looks are attractive and worth grinding for.

Simply keep on trying your luck by opening Valentine Crate and thus increase your chances of dropping this morph.


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