Pet Sim 99: How to get Huge Happy Computer [Tech World]

Pet Sim 99 Tech World Update is live. With this update, World 2 (Tech World) has been introduced along with a new Huges pet. Multiple events will be coming to entertain players and help them claim more eggs and diamonds.

At present, the Huge Happy Computer Event is ongoing allowing users to claim extremely rare pets by hatching eggs in the Tech World. Here are a few tricks that will boost your luck and chances of dropping the new pet.

How to get a Huge Happy Computer in Pet Simulator 99

Huge Happy Computer
Huge Happy Computer

Similar to previous Huge pets, chances of unlocking eggs that hatch later on are extremely low. The simple way is to spend resources on purchasing eggs and hatching them but it is highly ineffective and time-consuming.

Below is an easy trick & code that will increase your luck factor and thus help you unlock the Huge Happy Computer as fast as possible.

Luck Books
Luck Books
  1. Go to any higher world and collect more diamonds
  2. Choose the best egg position to hatch the egg
  3. Purchase Lucky Egg book from the inventory (Huge Hunter doesn’t affect it)
  4. Also, buy tier 1 potions (The cocktail is recommended)
  5. Use an egg that has the highest capacity to breed
  6. After several tries, Huge Pet would hatch
Luck Potions
Luck Potions

This is the easiest way to hatch not only Huge Pets but others as well. By activating enchants of tier 1 and tier 2, luck and drop chances increase which saves Tech Coins and time.


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