Pet Simulator 99: How to Get Secret Huge Angel Dog?

As we already reported the new Roblox game from Big Games – Pet Simulator 99, would not be a straightforward thing. The game has glimpsed to hide numerous secrets, owing to the Secret Prestons Code.

However, the code is just one facet of the mysteries. Recently, new achievements have aired in the game, from which the Stairways to Heaven are quiet in the news, rumored to be offering Huge Angel Dog. But, most of the players are unsure about these rewards.

To that extent, here is the complete guide to getting Huge Angel Dog in Pet Simulator 99.

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Is Huge Angel Dog Real in Pet Simulator 99?

Huge Angel Dog in Pet Simulator 99

The question of the reality of Huge Angel Dog is doubted as most of the players have not acquired it yet. And the tweet from Pet Simulator 99 leaker has added a spark to this controversy.

And just after this tweet, she tweeted again and stated that the video was fake, and you wouldn’t get any reward for climbing Stairways to Heaven. However, the ActuallyNotNhat YouTube channel has managed to get the reward by doing the same procedure (prescribed below).

Taking the accounts of other players into consideration, going to find Huge Angel Dog might not be a good idea as of now. It is advised to wait until the clarifications.

Still, if you would like to consider the reward, follow the steps.

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How to Get Huge Angel Hog in Pet Simulator 99?

New Achievements in Pet Simulator 99

The ‘Is It Real?’ achievement will be giving you a Huge Angel Dog. The first achievement can be considered as a prerequisite to completing the second one.

To start, go to the VIP rewards place and stop by the VIP rewards quest. Now, jump on the mountain on the left and follow the road. You will see a hollow space from where sunlight will be reaching. Jump through it either directly or using a hoverboard.

In this way, the Falling Down achievement will be completed, enabling exclusive rewards. The location where you have arrived is Stairway to Heaven.

Now, keep on climbing the stairs, and eventually you will get a Huge Angel Dog reward.

To clarify again, there is assurance of getting a reward by doing this. However, there have been some instances where players have managed to gather it. 


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