How to get Huge Stunt Unicorn in Pet Simulator X [Roblox Guide]

Roblox Pet Simulator X is one of the best games of the Pet Simulator Series. PSX is special due to its strategic way of collecting coins which are utilized to unlock powerful but speedy pets. Now is the time to unlock Stunt pets which are super rare to collect and require the player to occupy a spot in the leaderboard in order to get them.

At last, have a look at the Huge Pets tier list which is far more powerful than ordinary pets including brand-new stunt animals. Keep trying all pets by unlocking them and simply trying to find a perfect mate that suits your game mode.

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Stunt Pets in Pet Simulator X

How to get HUGE pets in Pets Simulator X
How to get HUGE pets in Pets Simulator X

Below is a list of available Stunt Pets to be claimed by ranking higher in the leaderboard of the Pet Simulator X game:

Progressing through the game is hard when the user has a limited supply of resources such as Robux and in-game coins. This whole problem can be solved once the player learns how to top the leaderboard and win those lucky rewards. Once the leaderboard is finalized, chosen players would have a chance to claim 4 sorts of stunt pets based on their rarity.

How to get Stunt Pets in Pet Simulator X

How to unlock stunt pets
How to unlock stunt pets

If you want to collect all the 4 pets, there is a simple task but harder risk. Grinding hard for the rest of the days before the leaderboard finally pops out and you are ranked in every format will be a success. You need to perform extremely well compared to other competitors to unlock pets.

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  1. Open Pet Simulator X game in Roblox
  2. Play & grind hard to rank in the leaderboard
  3. The top 100 player gets a Huge Stunt Unicorn pet
  4. Top 300 get Exclusive Stunt Unicorn pet
  5. The top 500 gets Stunt Bobcat (golden)
  6. The top 1000 get Stunt Chick pet skin
  7. Claim these pets and use them to collect more coins

This is a reward system that summarizes efforts to be taken to collect not only a few of these skins but each and every pet skin of the game. It should be noted that there is no need for PLS Buy Me Codes in order to unlock at this moment.

Top 10 Best Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X

Huge Pets have always been the favorite and top priority of most players. Also, it’s very obvious as a strong pet helps you in your day-to-day activity hel[ying you get more resources and coins as money.

  • Huge Kraken
  • Crowned Cat
  • Stunt Unicorn
  • Huge Chef Cat
  • Banana (Hell Rock)
  • Samurai Dragon
  • Safari Dog
  • Space Meebo
  • Titanic Pets
  • Huge Pegasus

As per our analysis, we have ranked the 10 most useful and powerful pets that are worth unlocking if you are a true Roblox gamer. If you prefer different pets not listed here, that’s perfectly fine. Remember, Stunt pet differ greatly from huge pet while big and normal pets are too available in the game but not as effective impact. So, demanding pets are usually rare but often helpful to win more battles and enjoy the game.


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