Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator Eggs: TIER LIST, How to hatch fast (Guide)

Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator is not just about arm wrestling but also about hatching eggs, making enchantments to the strongest pets, and investing time in increasing strength and power via rebirth and super rebirth concepts. Here is a complete guide on eggs such as how to hatch eggs fast, unlock pets, and most importantly egg tier list.

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Arm Wrestle Simulator Eggs

Arm Wrestle Simulator Eggs guide
Arm Wrestle Simulator Eggs guide

Eggs are the only source of getting pets in the game. Other ways include purchasing game passes directly or making mini-transaction to earn bundle packs. Eggs that hatch have evolved into pets, which increases the multiplier of the user which ultimately lets them win more and tougher battles.

How to hatch eggs in Arm Wrestle Simulator

How to hatch eggs fast in Arm Wrestle Simulator
How to hatch eggs fast in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Eggs can be classified into various types based on their presence and work. Some eggs found in school areas lead to cats, dogs, etc pets while eggs from other islands are very valuable. Here’s a guide on how to hatch eggs fast in order to get the maximum and best pet in an easy way.

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  1. Open Arm Wrestle Simulator on Roblox
  2. Complete the event to get event eggs
  3. Choose the eggs you want to hatch into pet
  4. Try selecting multiple eggs in the machine for high results
  5. Use golden, cure, void, and mutation machines
  6. Not every egg is hatched, depending on the chances
  7. Once the timer ends, some of the eggs hatch into pets

Arm Wrestle Simulator Event Eggs

Roblox developers keep on bringing updates to the game to enhance engagement with the audience. New Game events and quests are added to the game at regular intervals. This quest allows users to claim eggs upon completion of mission tasks.

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The task includes defeating the boss or collecting rebirth or spins. Keep an eye on the event menu to earn event eggs for free.

  • Ninja Eggs
  • Summer Eggs
  • Holo Eggs
  • Crayon Eggs
  • Forest Eggs
  • Special Eggs

Eggs Tier List in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator Tier List
Arm Wrestle Simulator Tier List

Deciding and prioritizing eggs based on their rarity and winning multiplier is a good example to progress faster in a game. Not all eggs as well as pets are equally strong or useful.

So the focus should be to maintain a collection of the strongest and rarest eggs that would be worthy in near future match battles.

  • Nuclear Eggs
  • Widget Eggs
  • Ninja Eggs (event)
  • Holo Eggs
  • Atom Eggs
  • Clam Eggs
  • Crystal Eggs
  • Treasure Eggs
  • Island Eggs
  • School Egg
  • Ice Eggs
  • Black Hole Eggs

These all are the best eggs present in the overall tier list. Hope you would be using this data to be a supreme player and be undefeatable with the skills learned here.

Best Egg in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Legendary Ultra Serpent is one the best egg present in Arm Wrestling Simulator. For most players, grinding for hours to open hundreds and thousands of egg and still failing to get epic and legendary eggs. And that’s hardest part of the game too.

The egg that maximizes the chance of throwing out hatched huge pet more frequently than a normal small-sized pet is considered best. Depending upon rarity of presence and hatching time along with the sort of machine used, we analyzed statistics and found only One and that’s the best egg in the game.


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