BEST Quirks in Anime Champion Simulator, Explained (All Quirks)

Anime Champion Simulator is not just collecting Roles but also pushing limits to get each and every Quirk along with updating to the next level for wholesome powers. Apart from badges and characters, Quirks play a major role in shaping the game.

Here is a guide on Anime Champion Quirks containing detailed information and an explanation of each quirk as well as tips to use them effectively in the battle.

Anime Champion Simulator Quirks

Best Quirks in Anime Champion Simulator
Best Quirks in Anime Champion Simulator

Quirks are power abilities that can be equipped by any Best role that allows one to boost or take advantage of skills. Quirks have a wide range making it suitable for every player to use them in a timely manner when required.

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  • Strong
  • Luck
  • Fast
  • Collector
  • Genius
  • Rich
  • Sorcerer
  • Accurate

Below is a list of All quirks in the Anime Champion Simulator where normal quirks are classified into one category while the rest are classified into the best quirks to separate from ordinary ones.

Best Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator

Below is a list of the best quirks selected based on their surprising abilities that invoke users to grind resources in a faster way.

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  • Teleport
  • Giant
  • Sniper
  • Black Hole
  • Archmage
  • Thief
  • Sniper
  • Leprechaun

Quirks Anime Champion Simulator Explained


Strong Quirk
Strong Quirk

It belongs to the normal quirk category but is capable of providing a boost over muscle strength. With a new level, damage-dealing capacity increases unit maximum hit points are achieved

  • Strong 1: +10% more damage
  • Strong 2: +19% deals damage
  • Strong 3: capable to deal 30% extra damage by hit


Lucky Quirk
Lucky Quirk

Lucky is quite a useful quirk that leads the player to a scenario where things take place in favor of the user. Use Luck quirk during a fight or unlock new skins to increase success chances.

  • Lucky 1: 5% luck
  • Lucky 2: +10% luck boost
  • Lucky 3: +14 maximum increase in luck factor

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Fast Quirk
Fast Quirk

As the name suggests, speed is developed to double its amount at the final stage. Movement support makes it easily possible to travel at a faster rate using this quirk. Best quirk for one-to-one solo battles

  • Fast 1: +19% speed boost
  • Fast 2: 50% speed boosted
  • Fast 3: double the speed of the character


Players struggle to find secret or cosmic Anime Simulator units which is truly one of the hardest parts of the game. With collectors, drop chances increase in a significant way.

  • Collector 1: +5% drop increase
  • Collector 2: +14% increase in drop chances
  • Collector 3: +25% (max level)


Sorcerer Quirk
Sorcerer Quirk

Unlike other quirks and power-ups, Sorcerer can increase charge ability as well as damage to enemies depending on level and timing of use. Sorcerer is a specific quirk that should be used wisely.

  • Sorcerer 1: +100% charge with +14% more damage
  • Sorcerer 2: +400% more charges while 30% in damage
  • Sorcerer 3: +900% charge up with 50% damage dealing


Rich Quirk
Rich Quirk

Rich allows users to drop coins in fast fast-forward manner. Meaning it’s an indirect way to get more coins as well as diamonds to farm and upgrade everything.

  • Rich 1: +5% more coin drop
  • Rich 2: +9% higher coin drop rate
  • Rich 3: +14% at last stage


Genius Quirk
Genius Quirk

Allowing gamers to farm XP by decreasing the rate by which the threshold is achieved. Genius modifies the target and sets it to a lower range where it is easily accomplished.

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  • Genius 1: 9% less time to reach the next level
  • Genius 2: 19% decrease in XP
  • Genius 3: -32% less XP


Accurate Quirk
Accurate Quirk

Crit chances which are usually lower are pushed to higher tiles by accuracy. Accurate results can be seen by the use of this quirk.

  • Accurate 1: +5% increase
  • Accurate 2: 10% higher crit chances
  • Accurate 3: +25% (highest crit chance at max level)


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