How to Get Avoid Humiliation Badge in Break In 2 (NEW)

Recently, the developers of Break in 2, namely Cracky4, have introduced 3 new badges along with existing ones in the game. Each badge requires certain missions to be done in order to get those badges. Here is a guide on how to get all badges easily in the game.

Talking about the new update, 3 new badges have arrived – Avoid Humiliation, You Win or Secret Ending Badge, and lastly Reformed badge. No need to worry when GamerStones is here to help you get a badge easily.

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In this article, we will be discussing steps to claim the Avoid Humiliation Badge which can be claimed by defeating Scary Mary without making her laugh at once during battle.

Avoid Humiliation Badge in Break In 2

Break In 2 Avoid Humiliation Badge
Break In 2 Avoid Humiliation Badge

Break In 2 Avoid Humiliation is the next badge which is special because of powerful actions needed to be taken in order to unlock it. Also, with each upcoming update, missions are getting harder to complete in one go.

After claiming this badge, see our detailed guide on Reformed Badge in Break In 2 to get a clear idea and map to direct you toward your ultimate destination.

How to get the Avoid Humiliation Badge in Break In 2

How to get Avoid Humiliation in Break In 2
How to Avoid Humiliation in Break-In 2

Break In 2 Tier List is vast in terms of roles as well as badges. New things will be getting added frequently which is the real competitive nature of the game. Follow the below steps one by one to get this badge as quickly as possible.

  1. Choose Sporty or another role to start the missions
  2. Equip a powerful weapon capable of destroying Scary Mary in a real fight
  3. Boost Strength and Speed to at least level 3 quickly
  4. Carry dozens of snacks to heal and recover from extreme damages
  5. Have a full NPC team with you while facing the final boss of the task
  6. Go towards The Base to start a battle with Scary Larry and Mary.
  7. Defeat and win without letting Scary Mary laugh every single time.

Get The Sporty Role

Break In 2 Guide
Break In 2 Guide

For this specific Roblox mission, Try choosing Sporty for effective handling of situations while The Hacker is better but not in this case. Upcoming tasks like exercising and stamina building are easy to achieve with Sporty.

Get the Best Weapon in Break In 2

Once characters have been selected, it’s time to get the best weapon available to face one of the strongest heroes.

Through the vending machine, unlock the required Defender Mastery weapon with the help of a list displayed suggesting the strengths and weaknesses of a specific one.

Stamina and Speed Upgradation to Level 3

Level Up Fast Break In 2
Level Up Fast Break In 2

Reaching a max level of 3 in terms of stamina and Speed was the reason to get Sporty. Use weight lifts to increase rapidly by pushing hard for a few more minutes.

Take Food Supply

Golden Apple Badge
Golden Apple Badge

Scary Mary is an elite boss who has a power level similar to the God level of the game. Take some snacks to have a health point advantage.
If you have no idea, grab 3 apples, bags of chips, 1 Bloxy Colas, and a cookie as safety measure quantities.

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Get an NPC Team containing the best players


Team up completely with helpful members who would sacrifice themselves to protect you in the worst scenario. We recommend Uncle Pete, Twado the Dog, Detective Bradley, and other roles as well.

How to Defeat Scary Mary in Break In 2

How to kill Scary Mary Break In 2
How to Kill Scary Mary Break In 2

Once the player enters the basement of the building, a long conversation with NPC takes place that summarizes the bad plans of Scary Mary and her deeds that cost Scary Larry as he was weaker.

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Be careful, do not let Scary Mary laugh as this will make all possible arrangements to get a badge. Once the last but toughest battle is won by the user, they will automatically get the badge.


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