Break In 2 Guide: All Roles & Characters, Explained (Roblox)

Break In 2 is the newest and currently most trending Roblox game of the month. With a total of 18 badges and counting, players are busy finding ways to collect each and every badge. There are various roles that are needed to equip in order to do so.

Here is a Break in 2 Badge guide on all roles in the game that are essential for players to learn and understand before starting a long journey of walkthrough which might consider struggles in the path.

At last, we have answers to common questions such as how to get detective which is a crucial stage of learning the basics of Break in 2.

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Break in 2 Roles

Break In 2 All Badges
Break In 2 All Badges

Roles are basically different characters that the user equips and each role has a set of defined abilities and skills which help in progressing gameplay faster than you think.

At present, there are a total of 6 roles classified into Kid and Adult. Further, these categories consist of 3 more variations at present and more skins will be added in the near future.

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Break In 2 All Roles & Characters

  • Sporty
  • Protector
  • Nerd
  • Hyper
  • Medic
  • Hacker

Let’s look at these roles individually and understand their powerful magical tactics accordingly.


Break In 2 Sporty
Break In 2 Sporty

Sporty belongs to the Kid category specially designed for new gym features which are present in the game. The look is somewhat scary but colorful and imaginative

The Bottle is a specific ability of Sporty that allows a total of 5 charges to provide a boost while exercising in the gym. Charges cool down time for training, saving in-game time.

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While using this ability, the activity of Sporty increases to the speed of light, and lightning animation is seen near the legs along with a blue aura covering radially.

Users can carry out the same task with and without a boost and the difference is clearly visible. Ability is pretty useful while aiming to get specific badges that are hard to collect.


Break In 2 Detective
Break In 2 Detective

Protector is the first Adult role that a user can choose to play. Being a defensive type, The Bat is the primary weapon used for attacking instead of defending as well.

When entering the Fighting Area, Bat animation is clearly seen which moves around from hand with crazy noise to ears. This role was also present in Break In 1.

Due to the popularity of Protector in the Break In 1 game, users are glad to welcome this character into the new game as one of the best roles to take on.

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Nerd is an extremely efficient Kid role that is capable of solving math problems and other calculations at the rate of light or even faster than that.

Nerd is the first game pass role which can only be unlocked by purchasing a pass or making a transaction of 299 Robux in exchange for this role.

The Book tool is a special ability that enhances speed and strength as a supportive fusion to carry out game tasks in the fastest manner. From social media, we can see highly positive responses for Nerds.


Break In 2 Hyper
Break In 2 Hyper

Hyper is a Kid role which acts as a health recovery system. During critical moments of the game, Hyper is the best option to tax on damage and be alive with it.

The special ability is Lollipop which has 15 charges. This means, the ability can be used 15 times in a row which works to heal the body steadily.

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Every time power is tapped, 10 HP points are added along with 5 second speed boost which helps in escaping situations to increase survival chances


Break In 2 Medic
Break In 2 Medic

Medic clearly belongs to the Adult role which is a F2P type that works for the betterment of other roles. Users can see other variations and what they are doing using this character.

Special Ability heals the rest of the roles while this role remains unaffected and requires manual support. There are only 5 limited chances to heal so be wise and spend carefully.


Break In 2 Hacker
Break In 2 Hacker

Hacker is probably the best role to equip if you want all the abilities to be included in one role. From healing to keeping watch on others, and using smartphones to collect power-ups, Hacker is always ready.

In summary, Hacker uses a phone to communicate with other avatars, have fun with its features, and help in achieving higher levels of the game.

Which is the role in Break In 2?

Keeping the abilities of each role in mind, Hacker is the best role that users unlock to progress and enhance gameplay by adding their own skills into this character.

How many roles are there in Break in 2?

As the Break In 2 game has been recently launched, there are a total of 6 roles categorized equally into Kid and Adult with fascinating abilities of their own.


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