How to Get Detective in Break In 2 (Detective Puzzle)?

In Roblox Break In 2, the Expert Investigator is an Insane level rare badge, obtained by completing a Wire Puzzle from the maintenance room. Meanwhile, the Delivery’s Here badge is fetched by collecting 4 items.

Here is the exhaustive guide on getting an Expert Investigator and the Delivery’s Here badge in Roblox Break In 2.

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Roblox Break In 2: How to Get Expert Investigator Badge?

break in 2 roblox

Before getting started, players are recommended to choose “The Sporty” class, under the Kid category. This character provides you with an energy drink, which will be very crucial during the training session.

Now to go the Gym and train till you achieve level 3. This is the minimum level of stamina that the players must reach, in order to jump over a broken staircase.

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How to Get Detective in Break In 2?

In Break In 2, the Expert Investigator badge is well known by another name; Detective. To get Detective in Break In 2, you just have to solve the wire puzzle. Given below is the solution to the Break In 2 Detective Puzzle.

Wire Puzzle Solution

break in 2 wire puzzle
Rearrange the cards, in the same manner specified above

Once level 3 stamina is gained, go to the top. Use the staircases to get yourself into the top room. There you will spot a broken corridor, jump over it. If you are still unable to jump, then drink Bloxy Cola, which can be bought from vending machines.

In this room, the game asks you to solve the puzzle. To do so, you have to arrange the cards in a specific order. Most of the players might face difficulty, but no worry. Arrange the cards in the order specified above.

Once the puzzle is solved correctly, a badge will be granted. Additionally, you can get extra cash from the cupboard in that room.

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Break In 2: How to Get Delivery’s Here Badge?

Roblox Break in 2 badges

In order to get this badge, you have to collect 4 items in total. Get yourself outside, to the right of the base. Here you will be able to get these objects. The objects might be spread all across the base. Find them and collect them.

Once the articles are collected, go back to the building to claim the badge.

Given are the easiest ways to claim Expert Investigator and the Delivery’s Here badge. Follow these steps and proceed into the game.

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Break In 2 is about a group of friends who have lost their way in the forest while camping. This group finds their way to the villain’s area, where he quickly sends backup to catch them. Train yourself and save these Non-Playing Characters.


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