BEST Knightly Armour Deck in Clash Royale (TOP 5 Decks)

Clash-a-Rama season is at its peak, Clash Royale’s new events & challenges have set players on fire. To keep this fire burning, Knightly Armour Event is ready where the Knight troop is overpowered with heavy armour that boosted his health and transformed into an Evolved knight. Unfortunately, speed and attack counts have decreased significantly which is reason to worry.

Previously, the Ranging Giants Challenge took place, which was a major success as Giant has a ranging ability that altered gameplay. Now, here is the Best Knightly Armour Deck consisting of equally powerful and useful cards along with their strategy.

Knightly Armour Deck

Knightly Armour Best Deck
Knightly Armour Best Deck

Raging Giant Event too consisted of a strategically balanced deck that supported attacking and defending mechanisms smoothly. Similarly, Knightly Armour Decks are made in such a way that Knight plays a leading role while other units support and thereby letting players get easy wins in most cases.

  • Knight
  • Skeleton Gang
  • Goblin Party Hut
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Barbarian Log
  • Skeleton Guard
  • Valkyrie
  • Electro Dragon

Keeping our readers’ demands in mind, all the card combinations provided here are extremely wild and effective such that they can be used in Arena battles as well. But for now, let’s focus on current events.

How to play & win Knighty Armour Event in Clash Royale

How too play Knightly Armour in Clash Royale
How to play Knightly Armour in Clash Royale

Once this event is live, players can start to enjoy clashing on the battlefield. As a prerequisite, perfect deck formation is required which has been fulfilled by us. Now just enter the arena and prepare your army to fight with victory as the ultimate goal.

  1. Open Clash Royale game on your device
  2. Enter Event & Tournament by clicking on the right bottom of the screen
  3. Create the deck for the Knighty Armour event
  4. Or use our provided deck to take the army into battle
  5. Destroy enemy towers before the time ends to claim victory
  6. As a reward, collect season tokens which can be used to buy cards and coins
  7. Repeat these steps several times for multiple wins and more rewards.

Above are instructions that will help players to start the event and teach the basics of how to play. While keen knowledge of how to win depends on a person’s skills and experience that developed his gaming mindset.

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Best Knightly Armour Deck

Deck for Knightly Armour
Deck for Knightly Armour

Here is the best deck for Knightly Armour which secures wins in almost all matches. The reason is simple, professionals spend time analyzing attacks and their countertactics to find loopholes that make the player the loser or winner.

  • Knight
  • Cannon
  • Royal Ghost
  • Ice Golem
  • Skeleton Dragons
  • Musketeer
  • Goblin Cage
  • Guards

In our case, air troops are strengthened by ground army support while defenders rule over long tile-targeting units to protect crowns at any cost. This is why this is Knightly Armour Best Decks.

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Best Decks for Knightly Armour

Clash Royale Knightly Armour Deck
Clash Royale Knightly Armour Deck

Knight was considered a normal defensive troop but at this event, Knight acts as a hero and aggressively destroys everything that comes across its path. This idea has led to Clash Royale Knightly Armour Deck which was given proven outcomes.

Update: Clash Royale Update Details

  • Knight
  • Ram Rider
  • Miner
  • Minion Hord
  • Valkyrie
  • Three Musketeers
  • Punisher
  • Poison Spell

Below Knightly Armour Decks should be carefully used in the battles. If you are a newbie, nothing significant can be seen but professionals have keen knowledge and the mutual relationship between all the troops is visible.

Tips & Tricks for Knightly Armour in Clash Royale

Tips & Tricks for Clash Royale
Tips & Tricks for Clash Royale

Once decks are copied or formed by prior knowledge, it’s essential to have a plan while entering into fights. Here are some of the finest tips & tricks to maximize your winning percentage through the event. Try applying in each match to get the best results each time.

  • Choose the best deck for this event
  • Use Knight troop more frequently and on the weaker side
  • Protect our crown towers with air-targeting troop
  • Save elixir to deploy high hit point unit
  • Practice the same deck with friends to test its effectivity
  • Pay attention to our strategy as it yields the best result

We can assure you to claim all tier lists of rewards if these tactics are carefully understood and analysed before making your way. Let us know in the comment section if there are some changes to be made to the decks.


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