Clash Royale Announces Pass Royale Revamp for 2023

Earlier, Clash Royale shared Roadmap on upcoming two updates which will be coming in the month of March 2023. Recently, one of the features has been revealed that has a high possibility to appear in-game in the upcoming time. This is the Pass Royale Revamp that has modifications in the distribution of rewards to Pass Buyers.

Clash Royale announced Pass Royale Revamp

Pass Royale 2.0 has been a topic of discussion since this year. To end all the questions, Pass Royale Revamp has been announced that will highly benefit players having Pass. From now onwards, the Reward Tier list will be categorized into 3 parts each having its own rewards to claim. New Season Tokens will be free to claim in the arena.

What’s new in Pass Royale 2.0 in Clash Royale

Season Tokens Tier 1 reward list
Season Tokens Tier 1 reward list
  • Rewards split into 3 parts
  • More gold, diamond
  • Season Tokens added
  • Premium cosmetics
  • Magic Items
  • Battle Banners
  • Claim upto 6 crowns

How to Use New Season Tokens

With this update, players can choose exactly the items and skin needed using Season Tokens by purchasing in season shop. This has eliminated the luck factor of lucky drops from various quests. It will highly influence game experience of players.

What to expect in the upcoming update of March 2023

Till now, the Challenge for Super Magic Archer and the arrival of the New Party Hut Card have happened. We expect more tower skins and emotes along with an increment in reward through quests for a fast walkthrough of the game. Still, then we can push trophies for higher rewards.


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