BEST Timeless Towers Challenge Deck in Clash Royale (TOP 5)

With Clash-a-Rama season, Clash Royale brings its first long-awaited event to Timeless Towers Deck. This event as usual lasts less than a week but provides a unique experience by its ability to control towers. Now is time for the Timeless Towers Challenge Deck which can be considered an extended version of this event.

We know our readers’ strengths and weaknesses, hence bringing a guide on the best decks to win all battles. Also, check how to proceed further into winning the hardest battles via the formation of the top deck that cannot be beaten easily.

Timeless Towers Challenge Deck

Best Timeless Towers Challenge Deck
Best Timeless Towers Challenge Deck

In this challenge, the hitpoints of crown towers are not fixed, meaning they are capable of complete health recovery over time. So, winning this challenge needs one step better-attacking skills to destroy tower skins before they are revived again. Let’s have a look at the below cards and free to copy and apply to your game deck to test for victory.

  • Ice Wizard
  • Baby Dragon
  • Witch
  • Dark Goblin
  • Firecracker
  • Hog Rider
  • Goblin Party Hut
  • Minions

To complete this hard task, we have listed the Best Deck for Timeless Towers Challenge which has the maximum possibility to lead you towards victory once strategically played. The balance between attacks and defense is a general thumb rule which has to be followed if you are competitive in challenges

Best Timeless Towers Challenge Deck

Best deck for Best Timeless Towers Challenge
Best deck for Best Timeless Towers Challenge
  • Princess
  • Goblins
  • Skeleton
  • Arrows
  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Magic Archer
  • Bomber
  • X-bow

The deck above is considered the best deck that can be crafted for this challenge. Combination of defense targeting troops with high support from the air and instant attacks from the ground. Be sure to protect bh stepping backward when needed which differentiates noob from legendary player.

Best Timeless Towers Challenge Decks

  • Mighty Miner
  • Log
  • Electro Wizard
  • Pheonix Clone
  • Tombstone
  • Super Archer
  • Wall Breaker

Unlike the previous deck, this deck contains safety from a longer distance. Cards contain the ability to shoot using a bow and arrow and from air to ground. The only difficulty is to push the enemy towards his side while managing to save the elixir.

Best Decks for Timeless Towers Challenge in Clash Royale

Best deck
Best deck

With a mighty miner hero leading the team, bombers, and phoenix with quick speed, tips, and tricks makes this card formation even better. Having good knowledge of each card is essential and that’s going to change and decide who wins in the battle.

How to play Timeless Towers Event in Clash Royale

If you are an old and experienced player, it’s a high probability that you may know all mechanics of the game. Not only how to battle in events or in the arena but upgrade cards and level up in pass royale.

If not, follow the below steps to learn how to participate in events & claim free rewards without losing trophies.

  1. Open Clash Royale on your mobile devices
  2. Make sure the game is updated through PlayStore or Appstore
  3. Choose the Event menu by clicking on the right bottom button on the screen
  4. You can see ongoing as well as upcoming events & challenges
  5. Select an event in which you want to battle
  6. Create a perfectly balanced deck & click the Battle button
  7. After each win, claim free rewards such as tokens, chests, and more


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