Clash Royale Card Evolution Update: Barbarian as First Card to be Evolved

Clash Royale is known for bringing updates that excite every player. The last Update included the introduction of Season Tokens and now is time for Card Evolution Update which will be taking place in June 2023. It’s a new concept that most Clash Royale content creators too don’t know.

Supercell gave a small sneak peek at Card Evolution and Barbarian will be the first card to get evolved into its enormous super form whose details are not available yet.

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Clash Royale Card Evolution Update in June 2023

This update is planned to burst out in June 2023. But sneak peaks are making those days slow and filling with curiosity. Card Evolution is a future most of the players imagined but its working and model might differ from the theory that is available on Reddit as well as YouTube.

Barbarian Card Evolution

Barbarian Card Evolution in Clash Royale
Barbarian Card Evolution in Clash Royale

Barbarian is the first card to go through the process of card evolution and nobody knows what transformation and new abilities it will gain but for sure we know, it will survive that part with courage.

As time progresses, Clash Royale will be adding this feature to more cards like Super Archers, Goblins, Wizards, Mega Monk, and many more. Players might not get sudden levels of evolution but one who sticks to the game for a span of months or even years will be enjoying this a lot.


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