Squad Busters to soft-launch from 23rd April in selected countries

Supercell announces the soft launch of Squad Busters on 23rd April with new content and improvised user experience. Squad Busters is available for Android as well as iOS for selected countries – Canada, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Mexico and Finland.

Squad Busters to soft launch from 23rd April

Squad Busters available in these countries
Squad Busters available in these countries

After a series of sneak peeks, developers have finally cleared all the rumors and surprised the gaming community with an unexpected launch in selected countries. Lots of major changes are made which has sufficiently enhanced the PvP squad nature of the game.

  • Evolution (Baby, Classic & Super)
  • Chest (Common, Rare, Epic)
  • Beach World
  • Mega Units
  • Super Pass & Gem Pass
  • New characters

A few months back, Squad Busters started its beta with limited characters, maps and game modes and lots of progress has been made. Players can experience new bosses, battle mods, worlds, and characters.

Character Evolution


Each character unlocks as a baby form and is further upgraded to Classic followed by Super to reach its maximum potential. Collecting duplicates and merging them transforms the unit into a higher stage.

With each succeeding phase, new abilities are unlocked allowing a better grip on the battles.

3 New characters

New characters
New characters

Squad Busters had plenty of existing characters with their unique ability. Three more classic characters will be on this list.

  • Penny the Pirate: Expert in finding hidden treasure through the map
  • Heavy: An offensive unit with the ability to self-heal and deal heavy damage.
  • Tank: Tank merges nearby tank to the squad

Mega Unit

Mega Units available
Mega Units available

The previous version included a feature where 3 same units would fuse into its enormous form. This has been replaced with Mega Unit providing a boost to the whole squad.

At present, El Tigre & Dragon Chicken are the available mega units while new additions would take place very soon.

Beach World

Beach World added
Beach World added

Inspired by Boom Beach, a new world is available with its distinctive features. It includes new game modes, environments, and modifiers. The player needs to earn Portal tokens and go through Green, Desert, and Royal World before entering Beach World.


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