How to Download and Play Squad Busters on Android [Guide]

Squad busters on play store
Squad busters on play store

Squad Busters has been released on Play Store in countries of Spain, Mexico, and Canada. Devices with Android version 12 or higher can download this from Play Store. Here is the step-by-step guide on installing Squad Busters and playing with various characters taken from various Supercell games.

How to download Squad Busters

How to download Squad Busters on Play Store
How to download Squad Busters on Play Store

Squad Busters recently opened its second Beta to test new features added to the game. The game is available for Android so far and unfortunately, iPhone users cannot install this game. Bring iOS, it requires different programs to create for this platform.

Steps to install Squad Busters on Android:

  1. The user must be from Spain, Mexico, and Canada only
  2. The user should have a version of 12/12+
  3. Open Play Store on Android Device
  4. Look for ‘Squad Busters’ by Supercell
  5. Click on install
  6. Player ready to enjoy the game
Squad Busters new characters
Squad Busters new characters

Squad Busters Download Link for the available country:

  • For Canada:
  • For Spain:
  • For Mexico:

How to download Squad Busters using VPN

  1. Download VPN from PlayStore
  2. Select the Country where the game is available
  3. Create a new Gmail account for PlayStore
  4. Search for Squad Busters
  5. Download and Install
  6. Turn Off VPN after completing the process
  7. Play Squad Busters with friends

We do not recommend players download using VPN unless it’s very important. Some VPNs may not provide a service that actually works and lead users’ attempts to fail. On the other hand, gamers may think of it as a worthy task as they get to play Squad Busters in first place ahead of others.

What’s New in Squad Busters?

Squad Busters new update
Squad Busters new update

There were months of no social activities by the official Squad Busters team after the release of the first beta. With the second Beta, PdePaula announced changes made to the game. It includes the formation of a big character when 3 of the same kind are present on the field.

More than 10+ game modes have been added to keep players busy forming squads. Luckily, Squad Busters Pass is available to progress out fast enough to climb the steps of the leaderboard.

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  1. Allow more countries such as Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia

    1. I dont thing it will increase countries for beta. Chances are to have Squad Busters worldwide available in upcoming few months.

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