Squad Busters: Characters, Release Date, Gameplay and More

Squad Busters is a brand new squad-building action game, developed by Supercell – the parent company of popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Brawl Stars, and Boom Beach. Apart from this, Clash Mini and Clash Quest are in development too.

Here is a complete guide on Squad Busters to provide each and every minute details about new characters, spells, maps, and more.

Squad Busters Release Date

Squad Busters has been recently launched in the beta close program in Canada from 6 to 16 February. Players from this country can try out Squad Busters Gameplay simply by applying for close beta participation using email credentials.

Unfortunately, Squad Busters has been not released in the United States, or India for any other countries except Canada. No further clarification or announcement has been made by the developer on releasing worldwide as the game is halfway completed and progressing further.

Squad Busters Gameplay

YouTube has been flooded with gameplay videos and tutorials of Squad Busters upon its release. This gave viewers an idea about making a squad by choosing and unlocking characters and fighting with the other 9 teams for loot and rewards.

Gem Hunt seems to be a popular part of the battle. Also, many new characters have been added to the game with their unique attack and health abilities.

Squad Busters Characters

Squad Busters Characters
Squad Busters Characters

Each Squad Busters character is unique in looking with its special abilities along with distinctive health and attack speed. Also, characters are categorized into Common, Epic, and Rare.

Their primary strengths include Attacker, Defender, All-rounder, Healer, Speedster, and Supplier.

Common Squad Busters

  • Barbarian (attacker)
  • Chicken (Speedster)
  • Colt (attacker)
  • El Primo (defender)
  • Goblin (supplier)
  • Greg (supplier)
  • Shelly (all-rounder)
  • Bo (attacker)
Squad Busters Characters List
Squad Busters Characters

Epic Squad Busters

  • Barbarian King (defender)
  • Battle (healer)
  • Heavy (defender)
  • Max (speedster)
  • Witch (attacker)

Rare Squad Busters

Squad Busters All Characters
Squad Busters All Characters
  • Bea (attacker)
  • Dynamike (attacker)
  • Hog Rider (speedster)
  • Medic (healer)
  • Nita (defender)

Squad Busters Spells

Characters and Heroes feel more powerful when supported with spells. Spells are tactical and game-changing parts of the whole Supercell mechanisms. Each spell possesses a unique ability that either strengthens troops or disturbs enemies either by slowing or damaging them.

More information and reaction are available through squad Busters Reddit where it surprised and triggered their emotions.

Following type of spells in Squad Busters

  • Bomb
  • Cannon
  • Chill
  • Heal Rage

Squad Busters Map and World

  • Green World
  • Desert World
  • More worlds coming soon
  • How to Download Squad Busters

As Squad Busters is in beta mode, it is not available on Play Store or Appstore at this particular time. Players can download it when the pre-registrations start throughout the world. Till then, players need to wait and control their curiosity by watching gameplay videos or reading articles.

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