Hogwarts Legacy might be hiding a grotto in here

Hogwarts Legacy as well as its players never fail to provide content. Recently, a Hogwarts Legacy player crafted a stunning vivarium that is quite rich in resources and one was able to discover an abandoned grotto. Following the trend, a wizard came across a gigantic tree under the Bakar’s tower. The huge bark of this tree seems to be cooking something.

Even though the Treasure Vault quest leads players to San Bakar’s Tower, looks like most of the players missed the tweak. Reddit user Harley4L brought the area into the limelight, after noticing a peculiar trunk of a Whooping Willow-like tree.

Location of the hidden area in Hogwarts Legacy
Location of the hidden area

As we are not sure about the hidden area, player failure in entering was expected. Following the trail, another player went on using several spells but this too resulted in a similar conclusion.

The Hogwarts Legacy’s Reddit community is very eager to know what lies behind the trunk. From the graphics, it seems that developers tried to hide the so-called Easter Egg Grotto area, by camouflaging it with the trunk. Having it surrounded with bones near a wood does show the intent of developers to hide something.

What actually is it?

Whooping Willow like tree near Bakars Tower in Hogwarts Legacy
Whooping willow-like tree near Bakar’s Tower

A Redditor speculated it as a treasure spot. He speculated that the trunk could be the Exist, while the Entry is from another location. However, this speculation doesn’t make it to the logic.

As Warner Bros has left most of the thing for community speculations, it might be one on that list. As for speculation, one Redditor claimed it as the area of cut content. Developers might had several plans back in development but left them unfinished due to unforeseen issues. WB might have plans to complete and re-introduce it along with the DLC expansion.

Have you ever found something peculiar in Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know in the comment section below.


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