How to get Free Skins in Stumble Guys (2024)

Stumble Guys is a competitive game that requires high-level skills to master each map to win the crowns. Apart from winning, players are obsessed with Skins that are hard to collect. Out of them, players are obsessed with Special Skins.

Special Skins are very rare to unlock and claim while chances to be found in Spin The Wheel are extremely low compared to normal skins. Follow the tips and tricks provided at the end of the article to maintain a steady flow of skins in the future.

How to get Free Skins in Stumble Guys

new skins in the game
new skins in the game

Getting Stumble Guys Skins is one of the hardest things and the luck factor too plays an important role. Compared to Legendary, Mythic, or Epic skins, these remain the top priority of each gamer.

1. Always Spin the Wheel in Multiple Slots

Spin the Wheel
Spin the Wheel

An important point to take care of during unlocking by setting the spin amount to a higher number like 5x or 10x, it is proven to increase access to free skins in a better way.

2. Change the Region to North America

server change
server change

GamerStones has tried out everything and concluded that pointing the game location to North America in Stumble Guys lets you have more quantity of new skins compared to other parts of the world.

How to Change Server Region in Stumble Guys

  • Go to Settings
  • Head forward for Server Location
  • Click on the Change Region button
  • Select the Region you want to point to.
  • Click on Save Settings and start playing

Upon frequent updates, we may believe, these tricks have a higher risk of shutting down. Surprisingly at present, this tactic is live and works perfectly. If someone faces issues, simply reload the game and see the magic of getting free skin easily.

3. Get Ready for New Update

Stumble Guys Update
Stumble Guys Update

When Stumble Guys hints at an upcoming update, this is your chance to collect Special Skins in huge quantities. Start collecting gems and season tokens and wait until Stumble Guys releases its next update.

Upon worldwide availability, Follow two principles as soon as the update rolls out. Maximum skins are claimed after a few hours of new updates hits Android and iOS devices. Get ready for this moment to have a large collection of special skins.

Top 10 Best Skins in Stumble Guys

best skins
best skins

It’s hard even for professionals to choose between all the listed skins. But it is possible to have the best skins which are considered equally best and worth unlocking if you love playing stumble guys.

  • Diamond Heart
  • Kayo Rayo
  • Hatchy
  • Meteor
  • MrBeast Case
  • MrBeast Skin
  • Frozen Valkyrie
  • Rane Rydser
  • Orbit
  • Diamond Banana

Additionally, game skins are very rare and often need to be compromised with less valuable ones, so any skin in this list is as useful as others.



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