How to Get Castle Key in Pet Simulator 99 (Unlock Castle)

Pet Simulator 99 (PS99) is making players go crazy just after a few days of its release. There are 100+ Areas to unlock and 99 Pets to claim. Users should know tactics to get diamonds, and coins and finally complete Update events and thus move ahead of competitors.

Pet Simulator 99 Guide
Pet Simulator 99 Guide

In this process, collecting the Castle Key is important to enter the Castle which later on unlocks more quests. Learn Tier List and how to unlock Castle using this key in Pet Sim 99.

How to get Castle Key in Pet Simulator 99

How to get Crystal Key PS99
How to get Crystal Key PS99

At present, there are lots of new things which are essential to understand. From learning Rebirth Concept to having access to trading Plaza, getting Crystal Key, and more. Such is the learning way to get Castle Key which has confused most gamers.

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Use the below points to understand that doing Max Rebirth would ultimately let the user key that would later on give entry to Castle and more fun inside.

Castle Location
Castle Location
  • Reach Area 25 to get Rebirth One
  • Go to the Castle Location and start the quest
  • Use spawn and Rebirth to enter the world again
  • Upon spawning, the player already has Castle Key
  • Locate Castle again and use the key to open a lock
  • Enter the Castle and progress ahead in the game
Pet Sim 99 Guide
Pet Sim 99 Guide

Now you know the exact location of the Castle along with the necessary new Codes that is the only way that open the lock thus leading the protagonist towards the new building structure.

Once this task is done, look for the Crystal Key which is similar to the present key but used for different purposes. Finally, Prestons Shop and its Pet Simulator 99 codes help users a lot in relieving game competitive pressure.


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