Blade Ball Serpent Update: Shadow Clone Ability, December 2023 Codes

Roblox Blade Ball is about to get its biggest update. After successfully ending Halloween, we can move towards the Winter Update followed by Serpent Update which would allow users to create/join a clan, get Shadow Clone, Death Slash, CODES, and many more.

Here is everything you need to know about New Update that will be happening pretty soon. At the end, get December Codes to get explosions, swords, and coin points.


Blade Ball December Update

Roblox Blade Ball Codes
Roblox Blade Ball Codes

As soon as Halloween Season ends, an update will hit which has plenty of good additions that would encourage users to increase connectivity and progress together as a team.

Below are new additions that are coming in the next update of Blade Ball very soon.

  • Infinity Ability
  • ??? Ability (Rare)
  • Clan Feature
  • Winter Season Pass
  • Frost Sober
  • Phantom (New)
  • New Explosions

Now let’s understand in detail to let you feel energetic for grinding for the upcoming few weeks.

Winter Battle Pass

Winter Pass
Winter Pass

Some of the finest abilities are getting included in this new pass. At the last tier list, Frost Sober can be unlocked. Furthermore, Witch’s Curse is available to unlock.

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Users can claim even more rewards by finishing passes more than once as the reward list gets refreshed with new items to claim.

Clan: How to create and join?

Clan feature
Clan feature

From now onwards, players can create their own clan using coin points and invite their friends to grind together. Furthermore, Shop has clan tokens readily available in case you run out of it.

Players can have exclusive benefits on joining a clan. The higher the clan level, the better rewards are available to claim. We recommend starting your own claim if you have many friends as this will give you full control and dominance over the community.


Explosions all list
Explosions all list

Below is a list of new explosions coming in the winter update that would make build changes to existing units.

  • Blinding Frost
  • Avalanche
  • Frost Trap
  • Polar Explosion
  • Rainbow Frost
  • Smoke Screen
  • Heavenly Barrier
  • Icarus Fall
  • Frost Dragon Beam

Winter Swords

How to get winter swords in blade ball
How to get winter swords in blade ball

Special categorized swords are open to claim through either pass or live events. Here is a list of winter update swords and learn how to get them.

Dual Swords and Dual Blaster are regarded as true masterpieces of this update.

  • Plasma Blasters
  • Laster Twinblade
  • Glacier Shard
  • Arctic Edge
  • Glacier Scythe
  • Avis Scythe
  • Ice Dagger
  • Dual Frost Saber

Blade Ball Serpent Update Codes

Serpent Update is live
Serpent Update is live

Here are the latest codes available at the moment. Use the below quickly to get free spins on Christmas Tree and daily gifts. At last, learn the Shadow Clone Ability which is surprisingly strong and worth unlocking.

  • 1.5BTHANKS (works)

Blade Ball All Codes

Blade Ball Codes Winter
Blade Ball Codes Winter

As the update is now live, here are some new and working codes for you. Winter Codes are extremely difficult to redeem as limited capacity may run out as soon as they are available.

Blade Ball New & Working Codes

Blade Ball New Update Codes
Blade Ball New Update Codes

Latest Codes (as of 8th December)


Previous Codes:

  • 1.5BTHANKS

Hope you guys can now grind in this new update. Plenty of events would soon come which would keep users busy and excite them in upcoming days.


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