How to Rebirth in Pet Simulator 99 (Rebirth One & Two)

Pet Simulator 99 is now officially released and available on Roblox for all users. Now is the perfect time to enter different arenas to grab a total of 99 pets throughout the upcoming time. Player needs to learn some basics to progress and gain skills, ability, and items.

Such an ability is Rebirth which allows the user to respawn in a random world once the player loses all health or simply dies in battles.

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How to Rebirth in Pet Simulator 99

How to rebirth in PS99
How to rebirth in PS99

Rebirth is a kind of special and essential enhancement which every user should equip. Rebirth not only helps to save progress but also keeps track of areas to be unlocked.

Below are simple instructions that would let the user unlock Rebirth and use it when needed

  1. Open Pet Simulator 99
  2. Unlock as many as areas by collecting coins fast
  3. Upon completing the coin threshold, the new arena is unlocked
  4. For Rebirth, there should be multiple worlds unlocked
  5. Once the user reaches Arena 26, Rebirth One is available to claim
  6. Along with it, teleport and more enchantments are revealed

1. Unlock New Pets and Areas

PS99 Areas to unlock
PS99 Areas to unlock

As the ability is super rare and useful, players need to grind hard to collect coins and diamonds which are the in-game resources to collect everything. Use coins to open gifts filled with golden pets or any other.

Once plenty of pets are in stock, head towards the climbing area ladder which has over 100+ areas to explore and collect pets.

2. Grind and Collect Coins Fast

Get coins fast
Get coins fast

Arena 25 is a long journey if you are a new player. Grabbing hundreds and even thousands would not make a significant difference. Keep on collecting coins and use codes to get some free tokens by redemption.

At this stage, you should unlock Arena 25 and now let’s understand the final step which would make it easier to claim Rebirth in PS99.

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3. Reach Arena 25 to unlock Rebirth

Reach Arena 25
Reach Arena 25

Once Arena 25 is crossed, a new card is displayed which states ‘Rebirth Two‘ that gives four major qualities to the protagonist. Namely, Rebirth is important and that’s what we are hunting for.

Claim Rebirth One instantly

Rebirth Two after unlocking One
Rebirth Two after unlocking One

Below is a list of abilities that are inherited by the leading character after this arena.

  • Rebirth: Spawn again after lives end
  • Teleport: Enter in any world easily
  • Castle Key: Access to Trading Plaza, Spinny Wheel, and more
  • Rewards: Some gifts that would reward precious items are available.
PS99 on Roblox
PS99 on Roblox

We recommend checking accounts and learning to dupe pets, which is easy and requires little attention. Once done, Shiny Relics are available to claim through 50 different locations


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