Tower Defence X (TDX) Tier List: Towers & Units, Ranked

Tower Defence X (TDX) has been recently released which is quite similar to TTD but has more towers and each unit works more effectively. In order to progress through waves faster, it is necessary to learn about towers and their tier list for ranking.

Here is a guide on the TDX Tier List for Tower which would separate higher-performing units from ordinary ones. It is recommended to farm coins in the beginning followed by building S-tier list units as the game progresses.

Tower Defence X Tier List

Tower Defence X Tier List
Tower Defence X Tier List

Below is a list of all units ranked from best to worst via category. TDX has plenty of new towers along with game modes. Have a look at the below to have a basic idea about the importance of each unit.

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S Tier List

S-Tier List
S-Tier List
  • Missile Trooper
  • John
  • EDJ
  • Laser Gunner
  • Juggernaut

As you can see, the S Tier List has the most overpowered units while the bottom list has extremely low skillful units.

A Tier List

A-Tier List
A-Tier List
  • Patrol Boat
  • Farm
  • Operator
  • Behemoth
  • Armored Factor

A Tier List is usually better than the rest but ranked below S, being the second most destructive in nature.

B Tier List

B-Tier List
B-Tier List
  • Ranger
  • Warship
  • Toxicnator
  • Artillery
  • War Machine

After S and A, towers from the B tier list should be chosen if no choice remains, get back one list aside.

C Tier List

C-Tier List
C-Tier List
  • Cryoblaster
  • Attack Helo
  • Sniper
  • Shotgunner

Players should reduce usage of these C Tier List low-performing units as they occupy space but the result that we expect is not delivered.

D Tier List

D-Tier List
D-Tier List
  • Medic
  • Mine Layer
  • Barracks

Here are three units classified as D tier list which are the worst units to be taken into battle. Take a look at these lists before entering the map to withstand tough waves.

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