Grand Piece Online Update 9: GPO Codes

Roblox Grand Piece Online (GPO) has added plenty of new content in Update 9 along with major changes to existing content. It includes a Season 3 battle pass that excites most along with new weapons, Codes, and events coming in the future.

Here is a guide on GPO Update 9 that is everything that you need to know about the new update along with Codes to get you free gifts at the end.

GPO Update 9

GPO Codes Update 9 Season 3
GPO Codes Update 9 Season 3

Grand Piece Online developers have worked really hard to buff and nerf to level up items. Below is a list of new things happening in Season 3 of the game.

  • New fruits
  • MaxBounty changed
  • New islands
  • New Boss and Mini-Boss
  • New Fighting Styles
  • Revamped Crew System
  • New Titles
  • Conquest Gamemode
  • Fruit Chest Changes
  • Balance Patch Notes

Now, let’s understand each of these points in detail. It is necessary to consider Roblox patch notes as important modifications have taken place in almost every aspect.

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New Fruits

Buddha Fruit
Buddha Fruit

In this update, Buddha fruit has been classified as Mythical where it should have belonged in the first place. Fruit gets animation which is mind-blowing and quite impressive to watch.

2 New Islands

Impel Base

GPO Impel Base Location
GPO Impel Base Location

Impel Base is a new map situated inside the Second Sea. Impel weapons can be found at this place in good amounts. At present, 3 sets of difficulty levels are available to grind.

Consisting of 5 floors, Impel Base includes NPCs that don’t drop items anymore. For this, players need to take Impel down to get rewards through drops such as weapons, fruits, coins, and more.



This is a Halloween Event based location in the First Sea. For accurate measures, head towards the west of sea shells to enter the territory.

New Boss and Mini-Boss

True Demon Baal

True Demon Ba'al
True Demon Ba’al

A boss drops 3 items consisting of 2 types of cosmetics with the lucky chance to get a new weapon. This boss is way more powerful than a mini-boss.

Resurrected Baal

GPO Update 9 Boss
GPO Update 9 Boss

Kind of like seas battlegrounds and Mini-Boss dropping one weapon, one crazy rare outfit, and one cosmetics. For now, its moderate difficulty would consume enough time until the next update is live.

Impel Down Weapons

GPO Impel Locations
GPO Impel Locations

Special category for extremely powered and outstanding weapons. Below is a list of weapons that can be collected by learning how to impel down events.

  • Kessui
  • Black Pitchfork
  • Vera’s Whip
  • RA/UI

Other changes include crew rewards distributed to the top 50 leaderboard members. Start Guns available in the Halloween Battle Pass during specific events.

Revamped Crew Systems

GPO New race event
GPO New race event

Players with a bounty of about 100k can create a crew clan having a minimum of 10 members. Marines can join the Marines force while Pirates can join the Pirates force only.

To switch between forces, simply leave the crew resign from the current position, and join a new crew to get the position.

New: blade ball serpent

New Fighting Styles

Star Guns in GPO
Star Guns in GPO


Unique fighting style available to master in the Second Sea. Complete the mission in Thriller Bank to unlock the style and use over time.


Dullahan GPO
Dullahan GPO

Halloween Race is based on limited fighting style which can be learned from the master present in the Transylvania map in the first Sea.

New Tiles

3 different titles are now available to rank push. Marines now have a chance to get rewards on successfully equipped certain outfits and capes

New Items

New items
New items

Talking about new items, there are a total of 39 items bought in the Outfit and Accessories category. Each battle may end up with multiple objects that look attractive to the protagonist.

Also, 9 Custom Grips have made their way while developers buffed the Kikoku drop rate so far. Another change includes the categorization of outfits as armor instead of cosmetic type.

General Changes

GPO Codes for Update 9
GPO Codes for Update 9

Below are minor changes made to specific system parts of the game. Being a big update, it is essential to be aware of modifications made in each field.

  • Colosseum  Event Change
  • Cooldown timer /! Product Gifting added
  • Fruit Chest Modifications
  • Health reduced in BR
  • Factory Event Made
  • Haki color customization
  • Evasives added.

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GPO Update 9 Codes

GPO Battle Pass and Codes
GPO Battle Pass and Codes

Here comes another big surprise and opportunity to claim free rewards through codes. As the update is new, only a few limited working codes are available while more quantities will be available very soon.

GPO Codes can help you get new styles or weapons for free if lucky or you need to grind for hours to get the same item through gameplay.

GPO codes update 9

GPO Update 9 Working Codes
GPO Update 9 Working Codes

Below is a list of working codes that would reward certain items. Be sure to be quick as each code has a certain limit and time period to offer resources.



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