All Exlusive Perks of VIP Club in Slap Battles

Roblox Slap Battles has introduced VIP Club which has paid features allowing exclusive benefits in gameplay progress and higher reputation in chat. Besides this update, Titan Glove is now also available to claim. Just be sure to complete threshold slaps and unlock easily.

Here are Slap Battles VIP Subscription details about its biased perks and reviews on whether should you purchase VIP Club or not.

Slap Battles VIP Club

Slap Battles VIP Club
Slap Battles VIP Club

Developers have made entry into season pass or subscription format by introducing VIP Club for $2.99 for the whole season/ month. It’s surprising to see the perks it rewards on membership through both ends.

VIP Club: Join the VIP Club now for these super cool exclusive perks.

Exclusive Perks of VIP Club in Slap Battles

  • VIP Gloves
  • Slap Gifting
  • 2x Slaps
  • Hit Effects
  • Passive Gain
  • Blue Tag in Chat

Now, let’s understand each of these features in detail. Users should take into account that each advantage is given to lure more players into purchasing VIP Subscription on a monthly basis.

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VIP Gloves

Slap Battles Titan Glove
Slap Battles Titan Glove

With VIP Clubs in Slap Battles, along with event-based gloves, separate and dedicated gloves will be made available for users who own this membership. Obviously, these VIP gloves are more attractive, better performing, and rare.

Slap Gifting

How to gift slaps in Slap Battles
How to gift slaps in Slap Battles

Players can give 500 slaps every 24 hours once a VIP pass has been enabled. Follow the below steps to give some of your slaps to your friend.

  1. Purchase VIP Club for slap gifting
  2. Go to SettingsSelect the last option available for member users
  3. Choose the ID of a friend to gift slaps
  4. Set amount of slap points that are to be shared
  5. Use this feature every 24 hours for more exchanges

2x Slaps

2x slaps thorugh VIP
2x slaps through VIP

Upon buying a VIP Subscription, 2x slap perks are activated. Meaning, that for every hit, twice the normal Arm Wrestle Tokens are added to the account. Players can double their point-high score while grinding the same amount of work.

Hit Effects

Blue color hit effects
Blue color hit effects

Every hit is now specialized with animated effects which makes it more beautiful to view. This action would certainly hunt opponents who are well-equipped with season passes.

Passive Gain

Passive Gufts of slap points every minute
Passive Gufts of slap points every minute

Gain in +5 slap points every minute till the player remains alive inside the game. This is a crucial benefit among others. Be sure to spend more time in Slap Battles to get a total of 300 more points in one hour.

Blue Tag identify in Chat

VIP Chat Tag
VIP Chat Tag

The special tag has been reserved for VIP users to highlight their chats among the others. Blue strip separates and makes your chat more valuable along with a badge beside the profile.

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Should you buy VIP Club in Slap Battles?

Keeping perks in mind, it’s totally worth buying VIP Club to enjoy special treatment in the chat box and an easy score boost in slap battles. Also, it’s okay to step down and grind without passing if the user finds no urge to get one.


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