Roblox Seas Battlegrounds: All Characters Tier List + Release Date

Roblox Seas Battlegrounds is the newest One Piece anime game which consists of three characters as their main protagonist. Each of these individuals has their own Gear ability and ultimate moves in order to fight with enemies.

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Seas Battlegrounds Characters

Seas Battlegrounds Tier List
Seas Battlegrounds Tier List
  • Luffy
  • Sanji
  • Zoro

Above is the character tier list of Seas Battlegrounds which includes iconic leads of One Piece games. Let’s have a look at abilities that would significantly impact gameplay and decide on winning moments during the battle.

Seas Battlegrounds Luffy

Luffy Seas Battlegrounds
Luffy Seas Battlegrounds

Similar to Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Luffy has overpowered skills in terms of strength, defense, and speed. Below are the abilities of Luffy based on the Gear tier list.

Luffy Ability

  • Move 1: Punches
  • Move 2: Punches for Variants
  • 1st: Pistol
  • 2nd: Hawk Gatling
  • 3rd: Red Hawk
  • 4th: Rocket

At present, Seas Battlegrounds Gear 5 includes the Bajrang Gun which is the most destructive move with cool animation to blow off an enemy within a fraction of a second.

Below is a list of Luffy Ultimate moves activated upon the accumulation of strength during tough battles.

Luffy Ultimate Moves

  • Move 1: Punches (more powerful)
  • 1st: Kaminari
  • 2nd: Giant Stomp
  • 3rd: Fukuro Bag

Seas Battlegrounds Sanji

Sanji Seas Battlegrounds
Sanji Seas Battlegrounds

As seen from their attacking style of Luffy, he is well-versed in hand fights while Sanji has developed variations in Leg fights. Let’s have a look at his abilities as well.

Sanji Ability

  • M1: Kicks
  • M2: Kicks (variants)
  • 1st: Party Starter Kick Course
  • 2nd: Grill Shot
  • 3rd: Coup De Heche

Once Sanji is transformed into the Ultimate version of itself, simple kicks damage a lot, and Bajrang Gun is the finest of all.

Sanji Ultimate Moves

  • M1: Kicks (more powerful than before)
  • M2: Variant Kicks
  • 1st: Bien Cuits
  • Last: Bajrang Gun

Seas Battlegrounds Zoro

Zoro Seas Battlegrounds
Zoro Seas Battlegrounds

Unlike Sanji and Luffy, Zoro has been a warrior with a sword style that outsmarts opponents easily. All the moves are carried out using his Katana and a few other swords.

Zoro Ability & Moves

  • Move 1: Slashes
  • Move 2: Slashes for Variants
  • 1st: Onigiri
  • 2nd: Ayouchi
  • 3rd: Pound Phoenix
  • 4th:Daishinkan

Seas Battlegrounds Release Date

Seas Battlegrounds was officially released on Nov 18 and is now available on Roblox to download and play. It’s now time to experience the Gear 5 Luffy ability of Bajrang Gun along with move sets of other characters.


As the game has been newly released, we can expect the addition of new characters in abundant quantities which would attract users of all tastes. While the story revolves around One Piece, the game has lots of secrets to uncover.

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