How to defeat Serpent Boss in Roblox Blade Ball [Guide]

Roblox Blade Ball introduced a new update of Serpent Boss along with Super Rare swords as its reward. From now onwards, players can create a clan or join an existing clan to take on tough bosses. At present, defeating Serpent Boss should be the main priority of the player.

Most players are confused about figuring out a way to kill or simply win a Live server match consisting of Serpent. So, here is a guide on how to beat him easily and claim new swords and coins as a reward.

How to defeat Serpent Boss in Blade Ball

Blade Ball Serpent Boss
Blade Ball Serpent Boss

Serpent Boss is one of the strongest and probably undefeatable enemies of the game. Being enormously large and equipped with attacking styles, it is crucial to find a way to kill Serpent quickly.

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Below is a set of instructions that would help me understand the mechanism to win during the battle.

  1. Wait until the live Serpent Event to start against Serpent Boss
  2. Enter the arena with a squad of clan members
  3. Survival deadly attacks of Serpent until you are the last one
  4. Doge fireballs and maintain distance from dark circular spots
  5. The last standing player is the winner of the tournament
  6. Claim Super Rare swords as a reward for defeating the Serpent.

Users should have patience to wait until a new battle starts which is most likely to happen every 5 to 10 mins. Don’t be alone in this fight, take your close friends to dodge attacks and make your way through hard times.

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Live Serpent Event Rewards
Live Serpent Event Rewards

Later, we can learn how to create a clan in Blade Ball to start our own gang. Be sure to complete all upcoming events until the next big update hits the game.

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