How to Enchant Sword Using Scrolls in Blox Fruits Update 20

Roblox Blox Fruits Update 20 has been one of the best updates bringing new joy to the game. From the introduction of Scrolls to enchanting Swords from it. From finding Sanguine art fighting style to defeating Leviathan Boss in Blox Fruits.

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Blox Fruits new update has led players to many mysteries which need to be uncovered. Such an adventurous journey requires strong guns and weapons with us to carry out execution tasks.

Blox Fruits Update 20
Blox Fruits Update 20

Here is a guide on How to Enchant Swords and Guns in Blox Fruits by use of Scrolls that have been crafted in the latest Update 20 of the game.

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How to Enchant Sword in Blox Fruits Update 20

How to enchant Sowrds in Blox Fruits
How to enchant Swords in Blox Fruits

Enchanting Sword weapons allow the user to boost their existing strength to a higher extent. Not only lower but the visual look turns into a more attractive way. Animation and sound effects are too lovable.

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Sword Look after enchantment
Sword Look after enchantment
  1. Using Compass, head towards the new island introduced in Update 20 of Blox Fruits
  2. Find NPC which can be spotted on the top floor of a large yellow structure
  3. Talk to NPC and get ready to enchant existing swords
  4. The user should have a few scrolls in order to Enchant Swords
  5. Each scroll allows the user to enchant a specific sword for a time
  6. Different abilities are upgraded to higher levels after each successful enchantment to the sword.

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Unlock and Visit New Island in Blox Fruits

Find NPC in the game
Find NPC in the game

Upon Update 20, not only new fruits have made their way but also the Island that is safeguarded by strong currents of ocean waves.

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Use a compass to navigate to this mystery island and once spotted on the map, head directly as this is an easy job having no risk of failure.

Find A new NPC in Update 20

Find NPC in Update 20 Blox Fruits
Find NPC in Update 20 Blox Fruits

Once the player reaches land, look for a brown and yellow structure that consists of multiple ladders reaching you to the NPC. The name of the NPC is Dragon Talon Sage for exact details.

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Talking to NPC and small conversation allows the protagonist to have an idea about a chest box that is capable of enchanting weapons to turn them into deadly ones.

Enchant Sword/Guns using Scrolls

Sword Enchantments Blox Fruits
Sword Enchantments Blox Fruits

Now, it’s time to make sword enchantment to each and everyone – Cursed Dual Katana, Dark Blade, Koko, Jitte, Buddy Sword, Canvander, True Triple Katana, and Hallow Scythe.

Use the box to choose and switch between Gun and Weapon or Nevermind to exit. Once an object has been chosen, Use scrolls to get enchantment done easily.

How to enchant Swords using Scrolls

How to use scrolls to enchant swords in blox fruits
How to use scrolls to enchant swords in blox fruits

Below are the steps to consider while choosing the best suitable weapon to enchant powers to the best possible extent.

  1. Click on Enchant located above the Craft menu through the box
  2. Choose between Swords and Guns to enchant
  3. Enchantment can be done using Legendary Scroll and Mythical Scroll based on ease to collect
  4. A series of abilities are Upgraded which adds color to the sword along with a boost in action
All Swords that can be enchanted in Blox Fruits
All Swords that can be enchanted in Blox Fruits

Now, this is your time to enchant most new swords. Wait for none, just follow these instructions and you are ready to upgrade swords easily.

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