Top 5 Best Jets in Military Tycoon, Ranked [Roblox]

Roblox Military Tycoon is one of the most popular tycoon games on Roblox. With a military-based theme, the protagonist takes charge to protect their country’s land from foreign invasion. With the help of strengthening army bases, unlocking new vehicles & jets. Vehicles play a major part in this game.

In a recent update, some new quests were added to the game that contributes to unlocking Military Tycoon J20 parts from different locations in order to complete the Scavenger Hunt quest. This tells the importance of Jets in the game so we came up with the top 5 best jets in Military Tycoon and analysis to support our points.

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Military Tycoon Jets

Fighter Jets are one of the strongest types of jets that are capable of attacking from long distances and with speedy movement, escaping from enemy target range. F22 & F18 are two similar fighter jets that were once introduced in the game and are now leading vehicles that rule the air land.

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Top 5 Best Jets in Military Tycoon

Here is a list of the top 5 Jets in the Roblox Military Tycoon game that every player should unlock and equip. The first task is to find the location of parts, thereby helping to reveal and match the blueprint of jet vehicles. Once this task has been completed, forward steps are easy and in this way quest allows users to get new jets in regular time intervals.

Super F-15

Super F15 in Military Tycoon
Super F15 in Military Tycoon

Super F-15 jet commonly known as SF15 is considered among the top jets that are able to destroy enemy bases within a few minutes. The moderate speed of 234 ( as of now ) and presence of max-level hypersonic attacks along with 12 missile throws make it respectable among its peer jets.

Typhoon x

Typhoon X Military Tycoon
Typhoon X Military Tycoon

Highly attractive airplanes are commonly known for their destructive bombs. In a single flight, 10 missiles can be carried out with quick responsive counters. Higher than normal jet, Typhoon X contains 8 stans of heat knife which is far better for a long journey during a quest or secret mission.

Golden F-35

Golden F35 in Military Tycoon
Golden F35 in Military Tycoon

Red color bomber jet fully loaded with tons of highly explosive bombs. Missiles are secondary weapons and files across clouds with no traces that lead to their detection during day or night. Slightly less energetic in the manner of speed and hypersonic attacks but preferable by its shiny design. Also known as GF35 in short form.

ADF-01 Falken

ADF-01 Falken in Military Tycoon
ADF-01 Falken in Military Tycoon

The fastest and strongest jet relieves pressure over the player’s head. With staggering attack move sets, B17 jets are quickly destroyed, making Falken an all-round defender and attacker. This Fully functional jet has a lesser number of missiles while heat knife stabs are plenty in quantities along with the top speed record on its name.

J20 Jet

J20 Parts Militaty Tycoon
J20 Parts Military Tycoon

In the recent update, the Scavenger Hunt quest for the J20 jet took place. There are a total of 20 parts hidden across the mainland of the world which was quite hard to find. The ultimate reward was a Super fast and useful J20 Jet which combined results of utmost speed, strength, attacks, health, and everything in one place.

These are the 5 best jets that players should try to unlock. We know, it’s pretty hard but as a long-term mindset, resources such as Robux or in-game coins would grow dramatically along with help in patrolling and eye on evil activities happening in our area.


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