Arm Wrestling Simulator Update: World 7 (Everything We Know)

Arm Wrestle Simulator has some big plans after Halloween 2023 which includes the introduction of World 7 It is fascinating with new machines to upgrade your existing arms to boost skills. Trading Plaza has a major role in the upcoming time.

Here is an extensively detailed guide on World 7 that is likely to be released in the upcoming few weeks once things go as planned by the developers of the game.

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Arm Wrestling Simulator World 7

Preview of World 7 in Arm Wrestling Simulator
Preview of World 7 in Arm Wrestling Simulator

World 7 is gonna be as hard as World 3 making players feel like giving up on defeating the final boss of the map. Below are the major location spots of the game.

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World 7 Map

World 7 map
World 7 map
  • Slime-o-fy Machine (New Added)
  • Handgrip
  • Dumbbells and Barbells
  • 6x eggs around Staircase
  • Entry/Exit Staircase Point
  • PvP Zone
  • Hand Bags
  • Slime and Pipe location
  • Hidden Waterfall

As of now, the blueprint of the map has been released which hints towards the addition of new machines and skin changes to a few existing ones for better visuals.

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Trading Plaza in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Trading Plaza Location
Trading Plaza Location

Trading Plaza is a new zone allowing users to trade for arms and pets that contain users of the same level. A total of 100 capacities can participate in Trading Plaza to exchange while being connected to the same server.

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Developers are keen to find solutions where users would face problems during trade with players that have higher AFK compared to it.

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Slime-o-fy Machine in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Slime-o-fy Machine
Slime-o-fy Machine

Slime-o-fy possibly allows players to upgrade existing weapons into more destructive ones. For example, Golden Arms can be enchanted to increase power to a higher extent.

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Currently, more details have not been made available but for sure, Slime-o-fy will be a surprise for those who love to progress.

The arrival of 3 new arms in Arm Wrestling Simulator: World 7 Update

New arms in World 7
New arms in World 7

Above are images of brand new 3 arms which are most likely to come in World 7. Most probably, Epic and Rare to Mythic can be a format that would crush the boss within a few seconds.


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