How to Enchant Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator (Roblox Guide)

How to enchant pets in army wrestle simulator
How to enchant pets in army wrestle simulator

Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator is a fun mini-game entitling players to wrestle with others, along with cool attributes like Pets, increasing strength, rebirth, collecting trophies, bicep power, knuckle force, and hand strength. However, most of the players don’t know how to enchant pets exactly like unlocking Rojo Glove in the Slap Battles game.

Here is a precise guide on How to enchant pets in the Arm Wrestle Simulator via the process of rebirth allowing to max pets with each click. Follow the steps properly to enhance your chances of claiming most pets and finally rare skins of arsenal opera GX. So let’s get started.

  • Lucky 1: 5 rebirth coins
  • Best Friend 1: 5 coins
  • Winner winner 1: 5 rebirth
  • Best Friend 2: 15 rebirth
  • Lucky 2: 15 rebirth tokens
  • Winner winner 2: 15 tokens
  • Winner winner 3: 33 rebirth resources
  • Void
  • Omega

How to Enchant Pets in Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator

Enchanted pets Army Wrestle Simulator
Enchanted Pets Army Wrestle Simulator

Upgrading and enchanting pets in Army Wrestle Simulator is not that a hard deal, it just demands a slightly greater idea of rebirths. Players can have options to rebirth everything which restarts the level with no pre-equipped skins or skills. Trophies are dropped drastically every time.

Upon accomplishing rebirth, a +1 rebirth token is added to our resource collection. These coins allow players to unlock and upgrade their Pets to their greatest level. Each upcoming stage requires a higher number of rebirth codes making it difficult to progress rapidly.

Roblox Arm Wretle Simulator
Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator

The following steps demonstrate the correct way to unlock pets.

  1. Open Arm Wrestle Simulator in Roblox
  2. Choose the pet you want to enchant
  3. Click on the rebirth button from the menu
  4. +1 rebirth token is added every time
  5. Try these steps repeatedly for multiple coins
  6. Upgrade and have enchanted pets
  7. This trick always works

Guide: Claim Fly So High in Slap Battles

Enchant pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator
Enchant pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

By following this technique, players can Enchant Pets as many as they want, and advance ahead in the game. For more guides, have a look at Slap Battles Glove Guide which teaches everything about new badges that came after the update.

Types of Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

All Pets in Arm Wrestling Simulator
All Pets in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Each pet can be categorized based on its rarity, size, abundance, and mutation. Unlocking a pet involves hatching eggs (eggs are too classified into various types) followed by a time-consuming period before the pet is formed. Bigger the size, the harder to hatch and claim while Huge Pets are the rarest of all.

  • Uncommon
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Mythic
  • Omega

Arm Wrestling Simulator Pets

Best Pet Arm Wrestle Simulator
Best Pet Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestling Simulator has a very active community thus frequent updates are rolled out. With every update, New pets are introduced along with their distinctive eggs and location as well.

We already know, how to get pets but ranking them based on their multiplier power and worthiness is a bit hard. So here is a list of the top 10 pets in the Arm Wrestle simulator that every player should use to defeat evil bosses.

Best 10 Pets in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Top 10 pets Roblox
Top 10 pets Roblox
  • Rainbow Blaze
  • Glowing Huge Royal
  • Summer Cat (new)
  • King Trident
  • Baby Rainbow Angel
  • Astra
  • Glitch
  • Evil Owl
  • Huge Slime
  • Ninja Squirrel

At present, based on rarity & uniqueness we crafted the best pets of the game. Don’t be upset if your favorite pet is not listed but understand each pet has certain limitations that should be taken into account while using them.

List of Pet Eggs in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Best Eggs Arm Wresle Simulator
Best Eggs Arm Wresle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator is not just about arm wrestling but exploring locations, increasing strength, hatching eggs, taming pets, and making enchantments to pets is equally important. Besides the boss, the pet and its eggs are the closest friends of the user and their bond is unbreakable.

Here is the list of all pets in-game from all the worlds.

  • Earth Egg: Dog, Mouse, Cat, and Cow
  • Clam Egg: Venti, Pearl, Tide, and Ascent
  • Coconut Egg: Pinky, Sour, Brutus, Poison, and Crimson
  • Kingfish Egg: Hooky, King Trident, and Queen Trident
  • Palm Egg: Coco, Fang, Barkley, Raffia, and Calypso
  • Poseidon Egg: Pheonix, Bolt, and Thunder
  • Treasure Egg: Coin, Kelp, Ruby, and Cutlass

Best Locations in Arm Wrestle Simulator

There are plenty of locations to take on bosses and defeat them. Kraken Boss is the final boss and defeating them provides coins in billions of amounts. If you own a game pass, your sum is doubled which can happen at one of the below-listed locations.

Have a look at old and newly introduced areas in the game.

  • Gym
  • School
  • Dino World
  • Island
  • Nuclear Bunker
  • Desert 
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