Arm Wrestling Simulator Christmas Update: Christmas Events, Codes (New)

Arm Wrestling Simulator brings Christmas Events in its latest update. With this event, Santa Pass, a New token – Candy Coins, Strongest Arm, Christmas Crate, Santa’s Sleigh, and finally Christmas Codes to get these items for free of cost.

Here is everything that is added in the Christmas/Xmas Update of Arm Wrestle Simulator along with tips to collect candy and a way to complete passes quickly.


Arm Wrestling Simulator Christmas Update

Christmas Events
Christmas Events

Arm Wrestle previously added World 7 which was one of the fantastic features that kept players busy for a long time. With the Christmas Event, things are becoming tougher and the competitive nature of the game is seen.

Below is a list of new additions that can be seen in this new update.

  • Christmas Event
  • Candy (new currency)
  • Santa Pass & Elf Pass
  • Ghost Snowy Owl (pet)
  • Advent Calendar
  • Christmas Spins
  • Christmas Crate and Key (new)
  • Angel Wing (arm)

Christmas Events

December 2023 Update
December 2023 Update

This is a long event lasting for the whole season and the month. A New Boss would be introduced weekly and keep track of other essential resources that positively impact players.

Below is a list of sections of this event that allows players to divide updates in major parts to progress ahead

  • Pass
  • Earn
  • Calendar
  • Spin
  • Limited

Each section has a reward list and bigger rewards for purchasing newly released passes of the game.

Candy Coins

Candy Coins
Candy Coins

A new currency of Candy has been introduced which helps to collect even more spins that unlock arms and pets easily. Keep on grinding for candy as they are an essential part of Christmas.

How to get Candy in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Ways to get Candy
Ways to get Candy

Below are some easy tactics to follow to increase the rate of candy collection along with reaching the last tier list of passes.

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  • Get candy from Santa Pass
  • Complete Daily Missions
  • Grind for Weekly Challenges
  • Buy Spins to get candy directly
  • Upgrade the Wheel for a better reward list

Christmas Update Codes

Arm Wrestling Simulator Codes
Arm Wrestling Simulator Codes

Finally here are December 2023 Codes of Christmas Update that would let users redeem a good quantity of coins. It’s quite impressive to claim arms and rare pets using codes only.

Below is a list of new codes

  • 600mVisits
  • Rocket
  • 500MILLION
December Codes
December Codes

Keep on verifying and playing games as the entry of the new Boss will be soon which guarantees better gifts.


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