How to get ‘Tokens’ in Arm Wrestle Simulator [Season 4 Update]

Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator introduces Token as a new currency in the Season 4 Update of the game. In this new world, Mega Chad Boss is the toughest boss to fight. Players can now earn free tokens and then convert them into Robux in order to unlock and upgrade new pets.

Considering additions, New Season Eggs have been added which include Ocean Eggs and Glitched Ocean Eggs along with limited offer pets.

Here are details on the Season 4 Pass and ways to get free tokens in the Arm Wrestling Simulator.

Arm Wrestling Simulator Season 4

Arm Wrestling Simulator Tokens
Arm Wrestling Simulator Tokens

Just after the Arm Wrestle World 7 Update, developers are trying to expand gameplay by making changes to Season 4 Pass which now can be purchased using Tokens. The Tier list has been changed to some extent.

How to get Tokens in Arm Wrestle Simulator

How to get free tokens in Arm Wrestling Simulator
How to get free tokens in Arm Wrestling Simulator

Tokens are a new currency that helps users unlock new pets and eggs while upgrading existing items. At present, there are two common ways to get free tokens. For more information, 1 Token = 1 Robux, and this conversion is extremely powerful.

Claim +1 token every one hour

New eggs in Arm Wrestle Simulator Season 4
New eggs in Arm Wrestle Simulator Season 4

This is a free way of earning a token in the game. On grinding in the game for 1 hour, the player gets one extra token which is time-consuming for most players. Over the course of a few months, hundreds of tokens can be collected if the player is consistent.

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Buy Robux and convert it to a Token

1 Token = 1 Robux
1 Token = 1 Robux

For players who don’t have the patience to claim +1 token every hour played, there is a shortcut that costs a mini-transaction to purchase Robux. Once collected, quickly swap the currencies and use them in the game.

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What’s Next in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Once a user gets well acquainted with Tokens, they should prepare themselves to fight and defeat Mega Chad Boss by entering the Red portal through the main world. Be sure to use tokens to enchant pets in the game.


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