How to Download and Play on Android & iOS (New Supercell Game)

On October 11, Supercell announced its brand new game –, which will be made available in late October in beta version. As the accessible data, is a monster-hunting game, relying on a unique technology that allows one to travel in a parallel universe.

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Supercell Moco
Supercell Moco

In addition, they might be using some peculiar technology that can be utilized to fight these monsters. The game is all set to be released for United States Android Phones in late October 2023.

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Join us and take a leap into the unknown. Except this unknown is full of monsters… and dungeons… and things that can slay you almost instantly… but in a fun way! ????

Supercell Guide

how to play Moco game
how to play the Moco game

Now, you know about which is a fantastic monster hunt game aiming to take a big leap over different worlds to explore and defeat epic monsters. Below are steps that will help you to download easily and play with unlimited fun.

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How to download on Android and iOS

Supercell Moco Download
Supercell Moco Download
  1. Search for on Google or visit the official website of Supercell game
  2. Click on Sign Up for Beta to get access
  3. Use your email ID to proceed further
  4. Choose between Android and iOS and click submit
  5. Once the beta version is available worldwide, users can easily download for free
  6. Read the policies and accept the terms and conditions
  7. This helps players to try and experience as a beta tester

Users should note that downloading Moco means getting access to the beta version as this game is a new startup and available in certain countries and to specific users

Features of game

Moco guide
Moco guide

Upon signing up for beta, the player has some exclusive perks and benefits that directly or indirectly affect gameplay and experience. Below are features that newcomers will have having chance to claim.

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  • Perk 1: Epic Loot
  • Peak 2: Fresh Gear
  • Perk 3: Unlimited Travel
  • Epic Loot by defeating the strongest bosses
  • Fresh Gear to look at while hunting for beasts
  • Unlimited travel entries to various parallel worlds

In Which country is Supercell available?

Moco Beta version
Moco Beta version

At present, is available in the USA for its beta version testing where it aims to gather some of the finest hunter recruiters that leverage MMORPG experience. Also, the beta version starts at the end of October which is likely to happen soon.

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