How to Download & Play FloodRush on Android [Guide]

FloodRush is a brand new game by Supercell unleashed into a beta program that will last for 10 days. If you want to try this game, you’re at the perfect place to find ways to play Flood Rush.

Here is the complete guide on How to download and play FloodRush on Android. We will be bringing another guide regarding FloodRush on iOS and iPhone devices. Everything from Seeker to Maps is explained along with the best tips and tricks to play.

How to Download FloodRush

How to play flood rush
Flood Rush

How to Download and Install FloodRush on Android

  1. Go to the official website of Floodrush
  2. See details about the game
  3. Click ‘Get it on the Play store
  4. Floodrush opens in Playstore
  5. Click the Install button to download
  6. Play and enjoy the game

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How to download FloodRush using VPN

  1. Use one of the trusted VPN
  2. Connect to one of the countries listed above
  3. Create a new Gmail account
  4. Search for Flood Busters by Supercell
  5. Download and Install
  6. Try beta for 10 days straight
  7. Have fun playing

How to Play Floodrush on Android (Guide)

How to play Flood Rush on android
How to play Flood Rush on Android

Once the player downloads the game through one of the two ways listed above, then it’s time to try out Floodrush Gameplay to chill out for hours with enjoyment. Players can connect the game to Supercell ID to save progress in the beta program.

Supercell New Game: Squad Busters on Android

The first battle is Training Isles which is a tutorial to reach about Flood Rush. Basic of characters, the enemy is considered at this time.

Upon completion, Mia, the first seeker of Floodrush is unlocked, and later on, Shelby seeker is available to play. There is a total of 8 seekers to date and soon the team will be expanded.

Floodrush: Tips and Tricks

Flood Rush Tips and tricks
Flood Rush Tips and Tricks

There are plenty of tips and tricks player needs to know as the game is brand new and the details of each term are not known. But the user knows, winning battles is the uppermost priority to progress and move forward.

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  1. Play in a hurry, Island sinks after the timeout
  2. Collect coins and elixir before fighting the enemy
  3. Use collected elixir to purchase New rare Seekers and Troops
  4. Use whole map size to play comfortably to form a larger team crew
  5. Make the perfect use of Boxer Crabs as a shield
  6. Be quick with Raptors and Fish during aggressive attacking
  7. Invest in Mighty Lava Rex troop to see improvements

During the span of 10 days, lots of new information will be available that will significantly boost the playing nature of games. Supercell content creators have tried out this game and reviewed it very well so far.

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