Clash Mini Update 7: How to Download + New Features

Clash Mini is progressing steadily towards its global launch and there lies Update 7 in its path. From Bandit to our new hero Natureborn, everything was made available and introduced in Update 6 but there are some major changes happening to Clash Mini currencies along with Countess Hero coming with plenty of skins.

Clash Mini Update 7

Clash Mini has always focused on user experience and made efforts to improvise quickly. If you’re a real player, making Clash Mini Deck out of new minis and heroes is one of your favorite strategies to experience a whole new world of joy. Therefore sneak peek confirms the arrival of 2 new heroes and 3 brand-new minis to the game. Extra attention was given to Clash Mini Pass which indeed rewards with rare and worthy skins that boost the confidence of the attacker.

How to Download Clash Mini Update 7

Clash Mini New Skins
Clash Mini New Skins

Until the global release date, it’s hard to play clash mini on Android or iOS if the player doesn’t belong to one of the limited countries where the game is accessible. Here is a way to download the new version of Clash Mini

  1. Search for Clash Mini on Playstore/Appstore
  2. Download and Install the game by Supercell
  3. Or
  4. Use VPN to create a new Gmail
  5. Set the country to Canada/Other
  6. Or
  7. Search for Clash Mini APK on Chrome to get similar result

New Features of Update 7

  • Two new heroes introduced
  • Grand Warden
  • Pink Fury
  • One new mini added – Dagger Goblin
  • New Magic Tiles – 11 Types
  • New trophy road brought
  • New premium skins, emotes and avatars
  • Event Section opens with new events and tournaments
  • Mystery Boxes – Luck and Crystal Boxes
  • Replays Available after battles

Clash Mini Currency changes to Unified Hero Shards

Clash Mini Hero Shards
Clash Mini Hero Shards

Till the last update, there were separate tokens and currencies to upgrade minis and heroes up to level 5. A new coin would be required to progress further and the same for level 10. Taking this into account, Supercell confirms unified Hero Shards to maintain a streamlined player user experience.

Clash Mini Hero Shards

Skin Shards has a special value to buy premium skins or to open skin boxes while Hero Shard was used for the upgrading process which was found to be more hectic and boring for existing players. To end the confusion and start out fresh, Hero Shards will be added and the rest of the Skin Shards will be converted to new coins through the following calculations.

  • Common: 0.2 hero shard
  • Rare: 1 hero shard
  • Epic: 10 hero shards
  • Skill: 0.8 hero shard

There is limited information about Countess, a new hero which would be mind-blowing for all of us. Do check out the article on Clash Mini to get all-around info about the best decks.


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