Supercell Fankit: How to Download Images [Guide]

Fankit of Supercell is a newly released platform consisting of game assets for all popular games. Assets include wallpapers, png, jpeg, and all forms of image formats. Especially useful for Gamers and content creators. Games include Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. Here is complete information about the Supercell Fan Kit website.

Supercell Fan kit

Fankit Supercell has been focusing on developing features and accessories that enable its content creators and YouTubers to gain more control over the graphics and visuals of the game. Making thumbnails for crazy animations is now possible with Fankit. Let’s talk about the section of the site that categorizes players into their respective favorite games. Know more about Supercell Fan Content Policy.

How to Download Images from Supercell Fankit

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to download image assets at your convenience.

  • Click on the Image you want to download
  • Select Size type based on MB size
  • Each image has a different resolution
  • Select Download button
  • Downloading Starts!

Upon choosing an image to download, directed to the screen which shows the Title, Image Size, Format, and Format size. The resolution includes Original, Large, Small, and Medium. Metadata having asset type and description to make it clear.

Clash Royale Fan kit

Supercell Fankit Clash Royale
Supercell Fankit Clash Royale

Dedicated section to cover images and wallpapers detailing minute details of each card and arena. At present, there are more than 2,600+ assets that are copyright free to use in any form of content. This allows the Clash Royale community to freely transmit information to its audience without prior permission from its owner.

Supercell Fan Kit Brawl Stars

Supercell Fankit Brawl Stars
Supercell Fankit Brawl Stars

The fan kit for Brawl Star is in early development and needs more work before announcing officially to encourage players to use it. Compared to COC and CR, Brawl Stars has just 17 logos and assets which makes it less versatile. PdePaula, who actively manages Fankit has made it clear on the views to increase platform content.

Fan kit Clash of Clans

Supercell Fankit Clash of Clans
Supercell Fankit Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has been growing and is still popular since its launch. One of the most successful games of Supercell that generates most of its revenue has over 1,600+ assets making players choose variations looking for the same troop unit. One can sort from newest to oldest while asset type focuses on searching for relevant and specific intent.

Fan kit Hay Day

Supercell Fankit Hay Day
Supercell Fankit Hay Day

Supercell Fankit for Hay Day consists of a portfolio of 1,100+ images leading Greg to farm and circulate achievement via social media platforms. Each crop to characterize the new building is available with enhanced graphical looks. Everything that the player struggles to find on Pinterest or Wallpaper sites is available at one touch.

Fan kit Boom Beach

Supercell Fankit Boom Beach
Supercell Fankit Boom Beach

Plan your attack and lead to victory. Boom Beach is not widely recognized as a popular game by Supercell but still entertains many users. Fankit has 450+ assets making it suitable to use as per the needs of players. Choosing appropriate format and size options is available as well to download or share.


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