The Strongest Battlegrounds Guide: Combos, Dash, How to Kill & Invisible

The Strongest Battlegrounds in an anime-theme-based Roblox game allows users to interact with other characters with certain actions such as fights, flying, being invisible, using a basic combo, dashes, and many more. Each hero has its own super ability that makes it special.

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Here is The Strongest Battlegrounds Guide on How to play, its controls, and everything that the player needs to learn in order to start a walkthrough and complete gameplay in less time.

The Strongest Battlegrounds Guide

How to Attack in The Strongest Battlegrounds

How to attack in The Strongest Battlegrounds
How to attack in The Strongest Battlegrounds

Attacking and defending are basic combo attacks needed to survive in the game itself. Securing a spot among other ruthless users is crucial to extend progress. Here is a list of controllers allowing you to attack certain combos effectively.

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Basic Attack Combo

Simply go near an individual enemy and press & hold the mouse to carry out this move. Note that this combo works perfectly fine till 4 consecutive attacks before getting cooled out.

Kick Combo

Best Combos
Best Combos

Similar to basic combo but at this time, try pressing the jump key along with the mouse or punch button. Once applied, the opponent gets strong hits making him fly in the air. Causes more damage than a normal attack.

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Slam Combo

Instead of pressing the jump, keep holding the Space button along with mouse clicks. At first, simple combos are executed 3 times while the fourth move is a slam attack allowing to generate shockwaves that affect nearby areas radially.

How to Dash in The Strongest Battlegrounds

How to Dash in the Strongest Battlegrounds
How to Dash in the Strongest Battlegrounds

Dash is another pretty useful control allowing users to escape difficult conditions, hit an enemy, or get speedy movement for some time.
Below is a list of all dashes that can be used in-game to combine with heroes and characters for a better gameplay experience.

Forward Dash

Forward Dash can be activated by tapping the Dash button along with player movement set in the forward direction. Compared to other dashes, it requires more cooldown time and blind spots where the enemy can’t attack before the user becomes conscious again.

Side Dash

Dash and Heroes
Dash and Heroes

Side Dash carries out sideways slides as rolling to get away with unexpected turns. Side Dash can be useful to trick other NPCs or defeat the boss when used properly with the rest of the abilities.

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Backward Dash

Backward Dash is considered the best dash among the rest as a lesser cooldown period along with covering the most distance in a single execution. We recommend using this most often to get the best results

How to Become Invisible in The Strongest Battlegrounds

How to become invisible in Strongest Battlegrounds
How to Become Invisible in Strongest Battlegrounds

Gamers should note that becoming Invisible is actually a glitch that some players are successfully testing to progress the game at a faster rate. If you are excited about this trick, follow below steps to learn in detail

  1. Open The Strongest Battlegrounds on PC/ Mobile
  2. Turn off full-screen mode through the settings of F11
  3. Use Four Fold Strike in Bald Hero followed by clicking on the right strip on top
  4. Use this move along with exiting the game simultaneously
  5. As you can see, the character becomes invisible easily
  6. Keep trying this move as this glitch would likely be fixed in the next upcoming update.

How to get Kills in The Strongest Battlegrounds

How to kills in The Strongest Battlegrounds
How to Kill in The Strongest Battlegrounds

Beginners always struggle to find the perfect opportunity to get multiple kills but fail due to a lack of knowing the basics of the game or some hidden tactics that lead to extra benefits on our side.

Here are some of the ways to get Kills fast in the Strongest Battlegrounds game without grinding hard for a longer duration

  1. Learn new combos to kill quickly
  2. Join the Public Server where active players can be found
  3. Use an Invisible Glitch to trick the enemy into attacking from all possible directions
  4. Do Alt Farming which leads to free kills every time
  5. Join Private Server for hardcore battles and wins
  6. Unlock new heroes such as Bald Hero for productive gameplay

Now, you are ready to play The Strongest Battlegrounds without any worry as a basic understanding of the game has been grasped by you.


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