How to get Defender Mastery in Abillity Wars (Defeat Astrum Deus)

Roblox Ability Wars has been bringing exciting updates at a timely interval to keep the gaming community active. This includes the arrival of a brand new Boss and villain that is hard to defeat solo and requires a balanced team.

In the latest quest, players can get Defender Mastery simply by defeating Astrum Deus in the Astrum Dimensions with easy-to-claim all remaining rewards.

Here is a guide on how to get Defender Mastery along with detailed steps to be taken in order to reach this Astrum Portal to start battle.

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How to get Defender Mastery

How to get Defeat Mastery in Ability Wars
How to get Defeat Mastery in Ability Wars

Defender Mastery is a very special badge collection that can be unlocked upon killing one of the most powerful Bosses of the game. Yeah! The boss is Astum Deus capable of multiple attack variations to wipe you off.

Below is a summary of actions to be taken to complete this task easily and with the fastest accuracy.

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  1. Kill bots to collect Skill Points
  2. Purchase 4 Classes through Skill Tree
  3. Enter Astrum Dimensions using the Red Portal
  4. Deploy Class heroes to start the deadly battle
  5. Dodge boss attacks and kills it’s minion army fast
  6. Keep on repeating until Astrum Deus is defeated

How to get Skill Points in Ability Wars

Peircer Skill Tree
Peircer Skill Tree

Skills points are earned every time the bot is killed. Enter tournaments and throw powerful ball shots at enemies to lower their health and push them back.
There is uncertainty about getting Skill points on each kill but likely to collect several points for each upcoming level which includes higher difficulty than the previous one.

Choose 4 Classes from the Skill Tree

Baller Skill Tree
Baller Skill Tree

There are 4 main classes which include all sorts of skillful heroes that help you in battle situations. This acts as a true army that would readily sacrifice to keep the user alive.

  • Baller
  • Slicer
  • Archer
  • Crusher

Be sure to take each of these in the battle to increase survival chances while trying to beat Astrum Deus boss.

Enter Astrum Real Portal

Astrum Dimensions Portal
Astrum Dimensions Portal

Once an army has been recruited, enter a Peroxide boss fight by navigating towards Astrum World. Look out for a pink portal that helps to teleport to desired locations.

Players should note that if the portal turns red it means someone is trying to defend Astrum Deus. Wait for a few minutes check for status and enter a true battle.

Defeat Astrum Deus

Defeat Astrum Deus in Ability Wars
Defeat Astrum Deus in Ability Wars

Astrum Deus is an extremely powerful Boss which seems to be undefeatable after choosing some of the best 4 defenders for our help.

Boss uses an occasional Arrow attack which can be dodged by moving away from a mark that slices in a specific direction. If a hit is taken, it costs high damage and low chance of winning

Other abilities include a Hammer that produces shockwaves disabling the temporary actions of the protagonist. Jump at the exact point to avoid this attack.

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The most deadly skill is Ball Rain showering harmful fluid bubbles from the sky. To escape from mass meteor-like things, do not enter red circles that are formed on the ground before striking balls.

Using this information, we are sure any noob player will have a clear idea to defeat and get Defender Mastery easily.


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