How to get Medals in War Tycoon (What Do Medals Do?)

Roblox War Tycoon is definitely getting more advanced through the addition of new features in each new update. Recently, Medals have been added to the game apart from existing coins and rebirth resources.

This new currency is somewhat special and can be utilized for various purposes

Here is a guide on How to get Medals in Roblox War Tycoon along with how to use medals to buy gun skins, Robux tokens, and many more. Lastly, there is a list of tips of tricks to earn medals quickly and easily.

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How to get Medals in War Tycoon

Medals are new currencies added recently to the War Tycoon game allowing players to claim multiple characters and gun skins with it.

Coin conversion is possible but medals highly benefit the chances of getting rebirth which is the best thing happening in the game.

Below are steps to Medals War Tycoon along with progressing further at the same time.

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  1. Complete Daily Challenges to earn medals
  2. Spin the Wheel every 24 hours for additional medal gifts
  3. Redeem War Tycoon codes to increase your chances of getting medals as a reward
  4. Make a transaction to purchase Medals using Robux or the in-app purchase method
  5. Aim quest and walkthrough resulting in bonus medals
  6. Follow our tips and tricks to save and collect more medals in the fastest way

This was just the summary that Roblox players need to have ideas to relax and hunt for medals. Read details about these ideas to concentrate better on gameplay.

What do Medals Do in War Tycoon

What do medals do in war tycoon roblox
What do medals do in war tycoon Roblox?

Medals can be used to unlock premium and rare skins of guns, jet skins, and vehicle unlockables and even exchange them with other resources. Medals do a great job as they are a secondary source in an emergency.

Each gun & vehicle has multiple variation skins but looks pretty awesome when taken on the battlefield. In the image, green jungle scenery is the best thing to buy with War Tycoon medals as some of them are quite expensive while the rest are affordable.

Daily Challenges gives Medals

Daily Challenges War Tycoon
Daily Challenges War Tycoon

In order to earn Medals, click on the plus (+) icon located to the side of the medal count. You will be directed to a menu where daily missions are listed for each individual user and updated every 24 hours.

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Challenges, Rewards, and Leaderboard are three sections that are interconnected. Completing each and every challenge to claim its rewards through a reward menu and consistent efforts helps you rank in the top leaderboard list.

Spin to Win feature

Spin to Win War Tycoon
Spin to Win War Tycoon

To keep the War Tycoon community active, the game contains Spin to Win gifts. Players need to log in to the game every 24 hours to claim free reward stuff which provides skins, coins, and medals as well.

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Actual chances of getting medals are pretty low but as spin is availed every day, it’s pretty fair to try luck to get a reward from the tier list for free of cost

War Tycoon Codes

War Tycoon Codes & Wiki
War Tycoon Codes & Wiki

If you have been playing the War Tycoon game for a long time, familiarity with codes that allow moderate quantities of coins is known.

At present, along with the gun skin and rebirth system, medals would be included in the giveaway offer

Purchase Medals from Shop

War Tycoon Robux
War Tycoon Robux

This is not the best plan to execute unless you have an extreme need for Medals and coins. Basically, it’s an in-app mini-transaction allowing users to get Medals and coins in exchange for real cash.

Unless you are rich, patience is key to collecting tokens as consistency helps at every turn of high and low points.

How to Use Medals in War Tycoon

How to use medals in War Tycoon
How to use medals in War Tycoon

Using the above-listed methods guarantees medals in every possible situation. Once, a player is able to grab hundreds of medal quantities, it’s time to utilize these rare resources to profit with stunning outcomes

Use the following techniques to make a wise decision while selecting topics to spend medals on that decide and affect future progress gradually.

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  • Use medals to buy gun skins at affordable price
  • Purchase avatar and accessories with ease
  • Convert Medals to Coins and vice versa easily
  • Increase rebirth count using Medals as primary source
  • Save medals as new features would need them in huge quantity

This is all the user needs to learn in order to play War Tycoon and dive deep into the world of war with weapons and skills.

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