Clash Mini Pink Fury: How to Unlock & BEST Decks

Clash Mini has been doing new since its first update. We are now welcomed by Clash Mini Update 7 revealing new features such as Replay and highlights of battles. From 11 different tiles to rare skins, everything is included. But players are excited by Pink Fury Hero which will be making its debut from September 2023 onwards.

Pink Fury is the newest hero belonging to tier S which is a suitable position for its supernatural powers. Colored in pink, the large hammer a weapon, and mystery powers when combined results in a fantastic hero. Here is Clash Mini Pink Fury Guide revealing every detail and the Best Pink Fury Decks in Clash Mini to support players to win games in consistent patterns.

Hero – Pink Fury
Health: 50
Attack: 3
Hit speed: 0.9
Energy Cost: 8
Max Level: 15
Super Ability 1: Elixir Power
Superpower 2: Elixir Affinity
Super Strength 3:Elixir Reward

How to unlock Pink Fury in Clash Mini

How to unlock Pink Fury Clash Mini
How to unlock Pink Fury, Clash Mini

Pink Fury can be unlocked through Clash Mini Pass for free and later claimed through mystery and Loot Boxes in the later time. Upon getting added to the game from September Onwards, It is the newest hero introduced in the game just after Best Grand Warden Deck in Clash Mini. Unlike Archer Queen, Barbarian King, or Grand Warden, Pink Fury has not been cross-played throughout supercell games which makes it even more special.

Fink Fury Super Powers

Pink Fury Super Ability
Pink Fury Super Ability

Elixir Power

  • Deal +10 DMG
  • 4x more Damage
  • 5x DMX at max star level

Elixir Affinity

  • Extra 2% Hit speed
  • +3% movement speed
  • +2% increased hit speed

Elixir Reward

  • +20% chance to get an elixir
  • +60% more chances
  • +1 elixir for sure

Best Decks for Pink Fury in Clash Mini

Best Pink Fury Deck Clash Mini
Best Pink Fury Deck Clash Mini
  • Pink Fury
  • Dagger Goblin
  • Magic Archer
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Bowler
  • Healing Ranger

Finding the perfect deck is hard but its outcome lets you unlock skins and level up troops and heroes for longer duration. There are some instances where players use the same deck referred to as Best Deck over months and still find wins in each round. Here are some of the best Pink Fury Decks which users should be using in their battles for making winning strikes in trophy road.

  • Pink Fury
  • Musketeer
  • Mega Knight
  • Wizard
  • Lumberjack
  • Knight

There are two kinds of decks that rule the Clash Mini, first is where the player uses heroes as the main attacking weapon. To make the defensive part strong enough, more mini or higher hr points should be considered to make balance. Other kinds include heroes as defensive as Barbarian King or Maiden Shield. This has more benefits as high hit speed and the best troops can be taken similar to Clash Mini Bandit Decks.

  • Pink Fury
  • Mega PEKKA
  • Bandit
  • Royal Ghost
  • Witch
  • Dart Goblin

Overall, Pink Fury Decks are on the side of attacking. Its superpowers are even more fierce and new features are leading to more excitement through all the game modes. Do check out Best Natureborn deck in Clash Mini to learn more about winning tips.


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