Clash Mini Natureborn Guide: How to Unlock and BEST Deck

Clash Mini has brought Natureborn which is transformer-support hero available to play in duels and events after Update 6. To this update, Clash Mini Bandit was released which is now live to play in the game. Here is a complete guide on Natureborn along with tips and tricks to master this new hero.

Clash Mini Natureborn

How to unlock Natureborn in Clash Mini

Clash Mini includes various heroes, Each hero can be unlocked through fun boxes and hero boxes. These chests can be claimed in multiple ways, including collecting trophies, completing events, or using coins and gems to purchase boxes. Other ways include the purchase of Natureborn skin in the daily deals menu which is guaranteed rewards for the exchange of gems/coins

Clash Mini Natureborn Skills

Clash Mini Natureborn Abilities
Clash Mini Natureborn Abilities
  • Damage per second: 1
  • Hit per second: 1
  • Speed:
  • HP: 17
  • Cost: 5
  • Max level: 15

Natureborn Powers

  1. Forest’s guardian
  2. Forest’s Blessing
  3. Forest’s Power

Natural Skill: Forest’s Guardian

Clash Mini Natureborn: Forests Guardian
Clash Mini Natureborn: Forests Guardian

This is a beginner’s skill available to upgrade for Natureborn hero. If this mini is placed at the front of 2 rows, this ability is activated providing 6 extra HP to its health. Further, it is divided into parts as per we upgrade using tokens.

Forest’s Guardian Skills
  • Deer Form: +3 HP
  • Increase of 0.2 seconds when placed in read 2 rows
  • Deer Form: +3 HP again

Forest’s Blessing

Clash Mini Natureborn: Forests Blessing
Clash Mini Natureborn: Forests Blessing

This skill is called Super due to its special nature. Natureborn not only attacks nearby enemy mini but helps surrounding friendly units to heal +2 HP for 2 seconds which effectively boosts allies towards victory

Forest’s Blessing Skills
  • Heal Amount: +2
  • Target Damage: +1
  • Heal Amount: +1 (for a second time)

Forest’s Power

Clash Mini Natureborn: Forests Power
Clash Mini Natureborn: Forests Power

This skill heals the target unit with +1 energy for each HP. Troops can be overhealed which refers to additional HP due to this ability. Power can be game-changing skill at the end of each round.

Forest Power Skills
  • Deer Form: Target heals +1 ATK for overhealed
  • Deer Form: +2 seconds
  • Deer Form Lasts: +2 seconds


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