Clash Mini Bandit Guide: How to Unlock and BEST Decks

Clash Mini introduces Brand New hero – Natureborn and Mini – Bandit. Here is the complete guide on their abilities, strengths, and some best decks for clash mini-battles.

Clash Mini – Bandit

Clash Mini Bandit Gameplay
Clash Mini Bandit Gameplay

Bandit is the addition of a new mini to a list of 27 other minis. Each mini has 3 types of special abilities based on their character. Bandit is a type of attack specialist but also needs to be protected due to its low HP. When it survives a longer duration, its abilities are automatically triggered which is a threat to competitors.

  • Damage per hit: 1
  • Hut points: 12
  • Energy Cost: 6
  • Star upgrade: 3 times

How to Unlock Bandit in Clash Mini

Bandit can be unlocked by opening fun boxes that provide a chance to have skins as well as characters like Bandit. Claiming more boxes would significantly increase the chance of unlocking Bandit which is the only fastest way to do so.

Special Ability: Derive Hard

Clash Mini Bandit Derive Hard
Clash Mini Bandit Gameplay

Derive Hard ability is way far more useful in aggressive attacking. Bandit strikes and deals damage to the farthest mini and absorbs energy from enemy troops that lie on the path. One can easily knock out opponents’ low HP mini through this power. Generally, energy of cost 1 is absorbed from each enemy unit.

Special Ability: Daze

Clash Mini Bandit Daze
Clash Mini Bandit Daze

Unlike the last ability, Daze stuns the opponent for 2 seconds. This attacking strategy includes damage in a straight path over a few tiles. One can’t defend itself once he has been stunned using Daze.

Special Ability: Destroy

Clash Mini Bandit Destroy
Clash Mini Bandit Destroy

Destroy power generally kills the target in no time. It deals extra +1 damage when the target’s health is lower than 50%. Each move is more deadly than before.

Bandit is now Live in Clash Mini

Clash Mini Update 6

Clash Mini has recently made its update 6 available to Play Store and iOS devices. With this, Bandit is ready to take into duels and events for forming the best decks for Clash mini.

Clash Mini Balance Changes and patch notes were made a long time ago. As of now, the whole clashing community was expecting an update and now a series of new changes are coming. This clearly hints at the release of clash mini globally without shutting down the project.

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