Clash Mini Grand Warden: How to Unlock, BEST Decks [Guide]

Grand Warden is a new hero arriving in Update 7 Clash Mini in the month of July. Clash Mini has previously introduced Barbarian King and later on Archer Queen. Various other heroes have been added to the Clash Mini but now is time for brand new two heroes – Grand Warden and Pink Fury.

Unfortunately, players need to wait till September 2023 in order to unlock Clash Mini Pink Fury Hero which is furious in the battles.

Here is a guide on Best Grand Warden Deck in Clash Mini which increases your chances to win at by food rate. We have included all the information making it a detailed guide on Grand Warden starting from its looks, and basic information to its super ability and powers.

Clash Mini Grand Warden

Clash Mini Grand Warden Hero
Clash Mini Grand Warden Hero

Similar to Clash of Clans Grand Warden, the look and external specifications are exactly but the attacking style varies a lot. Being a Hero, the game expects it to lead the team toward victory. To understand which decks are suitable, we must know the strength and its weakness to support troops and units.

  • Clash Mini Hero – Grand Warden
  • Attack: 1.0 per second
  • Hit points: 31 per second
  • Hit Speed: 1.1 per second
  • Max Level: 15
  • Super Ability 1: Protect
  • Superpower 2: Guard
  • Super Strength 3: Brave

How to unlock Grand Warden in Clash Mini

How to unlock Grand Warden Clash Mini
How to unlock Grand Warden Clash Mini

Grand Warden can be unlocked through the free Clash Mini Pass of July upon the release of Update 7. If this opportunity is missed, using collectible items and coins can be purchased from the store. Currently, not much information about its price and tier list to which it is listed is known.

Grand Warden is not the last hero that is locked, Pink Fury too makes his debut and there can be instances of unlocking Pink Fury before which is somewhat strange. Let’s have a look at its ability which plays a key role during the final stage and round.

Grand Warden Super Abilities

Grand Warden decks
Grand Warden decks


  • +4 shield to nearest troop units
  • +1 target damage
  • +4 shield health for the second time


  • +2 Damage to allies if the guard runs out
  • +2 DMG for the second trial
  • +1 ATK for Grand Warden lasting for 8 seconds


  • +10% hit Speed to nearest allies
  • +5% increases hit Speed for shielded allies
  • +5% hit speed before the ability runs out


Best Deck for Grand Warden in Clash Mini

Grand Warden Deck in Clash Mini
Grand Warden Deck in Clash Mini
  • Mega Knight
  • Miner
  • Valkyrie
  • Magic Archer
  • Ice Wizard
  • Grand Warden

Leaving everything behind is one of the most important parts of Clash Mini to win battles and for that requires a perfect deck that lets you win in every situation. Some decks might work for BK while failing against Clash Mini NatureBorn or Countess heroes. Certainly, those decks are not trustworthy to level up and rank higher in the trophy system.

Top Grand Warden Deck in Clash Mini

Grand Warden Deck includes a balanced nature of defending units along with supporting and attacking units. One can easily use Dart Goblin or the new Clash Mini Dagger Goblin if wished. Attacker units include Wizard – ice and fire both archers which are best. Defenders are swordsmen or price and hero itself sometimes.

Best Grand Warden Deck

  • Witch
  • Dagger Goblin
  • Golden Giant
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Archer
  • Grand Warden

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