Squad Busters Guide: How to Claim Free Bundles in Shop

Squad Busters is stepping into global release and here are a few updates that suggest the game will be available on Playstore and Appstore very soon. Squad Busters provides Free Bundles available in the shop to claim before the second Beta ends.

Here is a guide on How to Claim Free Bundles in Squad Busters and types of reward resources are available in this pack. This offer is limited-time and needs to be grabbed during live beta.

How to Claim Free Bundles in Squad Busters

These are some of the rare moments where Supercell brings offers that are free to claim. Use the following instructions to unlock rewards.

  1. Open Squad Busters Game
  2. Go to Shop Menu
  3. Scroll to the Specials tab
  4. New Deals are listed on the cards
  5. Claim Beta Booster bundle

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Rewards in Free Bundles

Beta Booster Pack

  • Cost: Free
  • Coins – 2000
  • Diamonds – 2000

Big Buster Pack

  • Cost: 2000 diamonds
  • Coins: 75,000
  • Orbs – 100

Swagger Pack

  • Cost: 2000 diamonds
  • Style Tickets: 6,500

Ninja Mix Pack

  • Cost: 2000 diamonds
  • Orbs: 50 units
  • Style Tokens: 4,000

Following is complete information on specials that are ready to collect. If you want to know more about Squad Busters Character List, you can surely learn more.


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